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Lexie Meltzer This book would not be able to move along without conflict. Mia, is deciding weather she wants to stay alive and live with her boyfriend Adam, or die and be with her parents who were DOA (dead on arrival) after the car crash they endured. Mia is fighting with herself to make this life changing (literally since she will die or live) decision. Along with a lot of internal conflict, there is a bit of external as well. At one point, when Adam was fighting with the nurses and doctors to let him see Mia when he was not allowed, it was man vs man. Also, the car crash in the beginning, is external conflict. It is both man vs man, and man vs nature. The car hit into another car (man vs man) and they crashed because there was ice on the ground and it was therefore slippery (man vs nature. This book clearly demonstrates internal and external conflict, even though it is mainly internal.

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Ella Blank I agree with this completely. I also think Mia realizing that Teddy is dead is another internal conflict she faces. This is very important to the plot. Mia mentions that she is like Teddy's second mom so the fact that he is dead must add to Mia deciding whether to stay or not.

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Allie Fein I agree with the conflicts you have identified. I also think there are many other conflicts that take place in the flashbacks that occur in the book. For example on Halloween when Mia and Adam are going to Adam's concert, Mia can't decide on what costume she should wear. This may seem like a small conflict but it really effects the story. That night, Mia and Adam started to get a lot closer. And if she didn't have Adam, her decision to stay or die would have been a lot easier.

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Ella Blank That's a good point Allie. I never thought about the fact that little conflicts in the book can really affect the outcome of the story. Imagine if Mia didn't end up wearing a costume. That could upset Adam and ruin their relationship. This would entirely determine the rest of the story too.

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