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Internal/External conflict in the series (Books 1, 2, 3, 4)

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Prajin.Uttam Please put all spoilers in "< spoiler >" then type the text, then type "< / spoiler >". Hit preview before posting. Use any conflict including conflict from (view spoiler) Identify the conflict and state why it is conflict.

Prajin.Uttam Carys has internal conflict in book 4 from pages 24 to 27. On page 24, the watchtower officer tells Carys to put the insignia disks back on. On page 27, the book says, "For a long moment Carys was still [...]" (27)

This shows that Carys was hesitating to put the disks on or not because she is officially part of the Order, and it would be betraying the Order to put these disks on. The other part of her wanted to put the disks back on her because it would help her get out of the tough situation. Eventually, the 2nd half of her won the conflict, and Carys put the disks back on.

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