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message 1: by Fiona (new)

Fiona Van der Poorten- Sawyer | 4 comments Looking for beta reader of completed novel -
The Blind Eye" for critical feedback - based on the true story of a pedophile at large ina school community

message 2: by Fiona (new)

Fiona Van der Poorten- Sawyer | 4 comments Hello - I am seeking some feedback on my latest novel, a synopsis of 300 words is below.

This is a novel of 62 000 words detailing the lived experience of the author. Whilst the events that take place are real, the novel is part memoir, part fiction, based on real characters.
Michael Wentworth is a paedophile. His wife Lydia has Multiple Sclerosis. Together they raise three children Eliot, Sally and Kate who attend a prestigious Anglican College, St. Leo’s College on Brisbane’s North Side. Their lives will be shattered after Jack Sunderland, Eliot’s friend, speaks out about being systematically abused by Michael Wentworth, over a two year long duration, beginning at the age of twelve, when he was most vulnerable and a victim of bullying.
The story about how Jack and his family are methodically groomed by Michael is the subject of a manuscript “The Blind Eye” which Tash Sunderland, Jack’s mother, a writer, leaves for her now famous son, Jack Sunderland to discover on her death bed. In it, she details the effects of Michael Wentworth’s stealthy courtship of her and her family on her son through explorations of the motivations of the major characters involved. Jack is furious with his now dead mother for rehashing the past – however it is a catalyst for him to relive the events of his adolescence.
The manuscript tells the story from the major characters’ perspectives, Wentworth’s children and supporters in the school community whose converging narratives through different periods of time unveil a story of betrayal, loss, remorse and ultimately redemption. How the allegations of abuse are received by those in Wentworth’s circle of influence, and their impact on his immediate family is told from multiple viewpoints as loyalties and reputations are challenged. Subtle allusions, suggestions and reflections about the nature of love, motherhood guilt and status are woven into a complex and compassionate view of flawed human nature.

I am also happy to do an exck=hange of an equivalent length of pages. Please contact me on

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