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message 1: by Anie_chan (new)

Anie_chan | 77 comments I read this book somewhere around 2011. The story was set in Auckland(?) city and the more rural area nearby. Heroine works in the city, possibly as a secretary, that deals with a sort of book selling. Her house however was in the rural area, surrounded by nature than neighbors, a possible gift from her military uncle. Hero is her nearest neighbor and had worked with her uncle, not sure if she knew about that, and had instructions to look after her. Meanwhile, bad guy is flirting with heroine, bad guy is either her boss or her customer and takes her to dates. One day heroine took a book, I believe an old fishing magazine, that belongs to bad guy. Bad guys rifles through her stuff at home, maybe attempted kidnapping, heroine went to hero for protection. Turns out bad guy works for a mob and the magazine is actually some sort of info of money laundering he'd done. I am pretty sure it was set in New Zealand because it made me interested in NZ army.

message 3: by Anie_chan (new)

Anie_chan | 77 comments Oooh,ooh, this sounds like it. Their names didn't strike a chord to me but the synopsis did. Will search for the book and confirm as soon as possible. Thanks!

message 4: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35106 comments Mod
Here's the Amazon "Look Inside" preview - http://www.amazon.com/Innocent-Next-D...

I don't see a longer preview on Books.Google.com.

message 5: by Anie_chan (new)

Anie_chan | 77 comments Yay, this is the book!!!! Many many thanks, Kris! I didn't really think it was this one since it was published this year but the author did say that this is a reissued version.

message 6: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35106 comments Mod
You're welcome! Yes, the reissued versions can make things confusing. Goodreads (not Amazon) is helpful for showing the original publication year.

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