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The flaws of Celaena Sardothien
Gabby Gabby Dec 08, 2015 08:45PM
I personally found Celaena completely unrealistic and honestly... irritating. I expected a deadly assassin and I felt that all I got was a pretentious, shallow brat.

Anybody else seriously dislike our 'heroine'?

I really liked Celeana's character in the 2nd and third book, but in the fourth....uugh.

Well, I haven't gone on to read the second book. I did enjoy reading the book at the time but she was just a bit too Mary Sue for me, barely anything phases her and there wasn't much depth to her. Okay, she can kick ass, but that's not enough to make a truly interesting character.

And the villain, he's was a bit too cartoony for me.

I think she really isn't redeemed until the third book, and then, it's pretty late in that one.
Yes, she is immature and shallow on the surface, but I think that's a front for how she deals with everything she's been through. I think her problem is that she cares TOO deeply about things and puts on this facade to make people think she doesn't.

Jacob (last edited Dec 09, 2015 05:15AM ) Dec 09, 2015 05:15AM   0 votes
I didn't hate her, but, she just never seemed that interesting. She didn't say anything memorable, or really take control of anything going on around her, she just ... let things happen to her. And now that you mention it she is unrealistic. Really, you spent an entire year as a slave and it had almost no effect on you?

I don't really dislike her, but I don't like her either. She's like this super badass heroine that wins the day but didn't really win your heart. Her attitude is confusing, her reaction doesn't justify her experiences well and it's like she has multiple personalities showing with each new book.

Guys, who cares? She's a great character in an amazing book series, if you ask me, and you talk about her flaws like you don't have any.

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