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message 2: by Ciayrra (new)

Ciayrra The Scorpion Flower | 930 comments Mod
Your German Name is Konstanze Franziska

message 3: by Sidney (new)

Sidney | 2357 comments Mod
Your German Name is: Sigrid Hedwig

message 4: by Cas ❦, Lady_Paranormal (new)

Cas ❦ (rowangalathynius) | 1778 comments Mod
Your German Name is: Olga Corinna

message 5: by notyourfriend, «Let the Quizzes Begin!» (new)

notyourfriend (amemori) | 1599 comments Mod
Your German Name is: Uschi Antje

Jessica~We Are All Heathens~ (puppyluvr) | 149 comments Your German Name is: Anke Veronika

message 7: by Naura (new)

Naura Ilse Anke :D

message 8: by Naura (new)

Naura Mia Michaela the second time . Eh :P

message 9: by Agnik (new)

Agnik Your German Name is: Gerlinda Cornelia

Not true my name (Kinga) originates from German--- Kunegunda

message 10: by Sara (new)

Sara (saboosa) | 38 comments Alexa Viola??

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