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Dragonmoon257 Stock up on herbs and help out sick or injured cats.

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Dragonmoon257 Emberstar walked into the den quietly. "Icewater? Are you there? I have something to talk to you about."

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Dragonmoon257 Emberstar curled her tail nervously. "Well, you see, Ghostkit had a vision. He apparently was playing with two kits who have died, a dead apprentice, and a dead warrior. They were Mothkit, Lilydawn, Ravenpaw, and Thrushkit. Ghostkit said that Mothkit disappeared, which must have shown her death, as it was quite recent, and then Ghostkit said that the forest caught fire. What do you think it means?" She paced back and forth across the den.

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Dragonmoon257 She looked outside to see the stars. "Icewater! It's the time of the gathering!" She paced nervously. "With all this trouble I nearly forgot. I suppose I shall bring you, Oakflight, Blackpelt, Fallenstorm, and Heatherpaw. Hazelstripe is a strong cat but with… um… the Mothkit situation, she's in no shape for a gathering." She motioned to Icewater to follow her and exited the den, yowling the announcement to her clan and leading her chosen cats out towards Fourtrees.

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