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message 1: by Cuniculus (new)

Cuniculus Potterton | 2698 comments I re-watched Ridley Scott's Alien and James Cameron's Aliens this weekend. My thoughts on these amazing Sci-Fi/Horror franchise and its movies:

Alien: An artistic masterpiece. In my opinion the most frightening and shocking scene isn't the chestburster scene or even related to the xenomorph directly, but the part were Ash (Ian Holm) runs amok. While the special effects were revolutionary at the time and are still impressive today, I think the airlock scene where the alien hangs motionless in space looks a bit silly.

Aliens: Another masterpiece, but more in terms of sheer entertainment. Perhaps that's the reason why I've watched this part more often than the first one. While the special effects are even more amazing, the airlock scene with its 80ies stop motion seems a bit out of place in its cheesiness.

Alien 3: The movie is dark and an "infected" Ellen Ripley is both fascinating and the next logical step. While the movie itself is very good, it pissed me off by killing many beloved characters, including Ripley herself. That could be still ok for me, but the fact that the initial situation of the movie's plot (how did the facehugger AND the egg get on board the Sulaco?) didn't make any sense seemed quite unfair to me.

Alien Resurrection: Loved it. It was just weird, grotesque and had Ron Perlman in it. The detail that the director later created Amélie makes it even an even crazier experience.

Alien vs. Predator: Yes, it is a crossover, but the antarctic setting with the ancient temple had a bit of the lovecraftean charme of the original. I liked it.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem: Bringing the xenomorphs to earth has been a dream for quite a time now. While the first AvP already played on earth technically, it could have been set on an alien planet as well. For me, AvP2 is the one that unleashed the xenomorphs on earth & terrastrial civilization. And this title fucked it up badly. In my opinion it is the only weak film featuring the xenomorph.

Prometheus: I don't consider this to part of the franchise, but a matter of its own.

Your opinion on the movies :)?

message 2: by J. (new)

J. Gowin | 1418 comments Alien and Aliens are very different movies. With Alien, Scott gave us a haunted house in space. While in Aliens, Cameron made a war movie. When you think about it, this change up in type of movie is strange. Imagine if they had decided to make a sequel to Poltergeist, in which Craig T. Nelson leads a team of national guardsmen back to the neighborhood, to save the new residents. It would be bizzare. However Aliens pulls it off because Cameron is a great director with a great script.

Prometheus is a prequel to Alien, but not Aliens or any of the other sequels. If it isn't in his movie Scott doesn't feel required to aknowledge it. So Prometheus gives us Weyland Corp. and space jockeys, but not soldier aliens or the alien queen. Curiously, under this logic you'ld be more likely to see Roy Batty fighting a xenomorph, than Cpl. Hicks.

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Mcgrath | 155 comments Alien is one of my favorite movies/ franchises. I saw the original at the theater at an impressionable age. My favorite scene has always been the end , when Ripley realizes the alien is in the escape pod with her. An almost perfect monster movie, with realistic characters you care about. Aliens was equally good but with a much different tone, louder and faster. And you don't have to be a woman to appreciate the ultimate bad ass mom fight ever between Ripley and the Alien queen. Three and four were ok , the crossover movies with Predator were pretty awful. I enjoyed Prometheus, Ridley Scott created the franchise, he can do what he wants with it. And the scene where Noomi Rapace is trying to get the Alien out of her in the "self surgery" machine was just as intense as the ending of the original Alien.

message 4: by Blight (new)

Blight (wolfcreed) I love the ALIEN franchise, but admit I never got into Predator or AVP.

I don't have issues with Prometheus, I thought it was as good as the others. Scott & Giger both created it, and I'm not sure why people were creating a fuss over it being 'different'. They can do what they like with their baby.

People are eager I think, to bash a film, they were like that every time a new Alien came out. 'Its not like the original!' They want to find something wrong with it.

Gee, the original came out 30 odd years ago. How can new ones be exactly the same? And why would we want a mirror image of it? No sequel has ever stood up to the first in their series.

message 5: by Ed (new)

Ed Pope | 4 comments I enjoyed Aliens more than the original movie. It was good to see the humans getting the chance to fight back. I also enjoyed AvP because it reminded me of the original black & white movie The Thing.

message 6: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Duncan (gutpunchprod) | 45 comments Love this series, I even enjoy the AVP ones for what they are. For me, the original is still the best. The screenplay's brick by brick building up of tension is only matched by Ridley Scott's phenomenal direction and artistic eye. Indeed, if you gave this script to one hundred directors', ninety nine of them would have turned out a piece of schlock instead of the masterpiece we now know.

message 7: by Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (last edited Jan 18, 2016 10:24AM) (new)

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (erinpaperbackstash) | 875 comments The original is creepy, tense, well directing, and artsy

The second is a action flick, fun, love the cast, more high pitched with the score since...well, it's an action movie

The third is bleak, depressing, but I enjoyed it. I know it didn't go the way the director wanted due to studio intervention and there was a lot of anger in all directions, but I found the ending especially good

I dislike the fourth - it took away the bleak, realistic spark the first three held, had way too many people live, become too glossy with directing, adopted some cheesy one liners and predictable, over the top action sequences.

AvP - they bombed on these series since they took two adult, R- rated series and made them PG-13 and a little watered down. The first wasn't bad though, it didn't have artsy integrity or the same hypnotizing effect, but it was a decent action film to watch on TV if you're in the mood.

message 8: by kat (last edited Jan 12, 2016 08:02AM) (new)

kat (grotesquerie) | 5 comments I've only seen Alien and Aliens so far, and watched a full play through of Alien Isolation (not a movie, but a game with a very in depth story about Ellen Ripley's daughter that is so immensely terrifying and entertaining that I think every Alien fan should at least pull up a youtube gamer and watch them play it through. By the way, I rec Markiplier.)

So far I don't feel a huge need to watch the rest of the movies yet. I saw a film review of Resurrection and I know I'm not going to enjoy that installment, plus the magic behind the films is the 80s/Star Wars-esque vibes I get off of the first movie. The second one I love mainly for the myriad of characters involved, and Ellen's compelling mothering attachment. (CHARACTER DEPTH, AHH.)

But, I'm probably going to reach a point where I will eventually watch the rest of the films, if only because I am really curious about Prometheus.

message 9: by Pickle (last edited Jan 12, 2016 08:00AM) (new)

Pickle | 51 comments Alien - a masterpiece. I love well done sci-fi/horror crossovers.

Aliens - i love well done sci-fi/action.. this is great.

Alien 3 - the opening to the movie where Hicks and Newt were dead made me hate the movie before it started. Its a decent movie and third best but i hate it.

Alien 4 - was actually ok until that stupid hybrid, not very good imo.

Alien/Predator movies are just plain awful

Prometheus - if it was a spoof id understand the chronic ineptness of the crew but it wasnt. Dreadful movie with guy pearce in some of the worst make up ive seen in a while.

message 10: by J. (new)

J. Gowin | 1418 comments I forgot about Isolation. It is a really well done game. I second the recomendation.

@ Kat

By all means, check out "Prometheus". It is gorgeously shot and nicely paced. Just keep in mind that it is not "Alien". It is a prequel, but in tone and style it is closer to "2001: A Space Odyssey" than it is to "Alien".

message 11: by kat (new)

kat (grotesquerie) | 5 comments @ J. I probably will, I heard it was a prequel and I definitely don't get "original" Alien vibes from it, but my spouse super loves Fassbender so I figure it's only a matter of time before we end up watching it! I've heard quite a bit of criticism for it for the most part so I'm going in with low expectations; the only way I can go is up!

message 12: by Rick (new)

Rick | 23 comments Alien ranks as one of my top five all-time favorite films.

The subsequent sequels are all good for various reasons, mostly because they each try to do something different and unique with the concept. I hated the first AVP film and never saw the second and I was disappointed with, but enjoyed, Prometheus.

message 13: by Bittman (new)

Bittman  (bittman) | 46 comments Alien trilogy is good. Resurrection is bad. Prometheus is OK. Interested in where the story will go if there is a sequel. AvP is not bad but the sequel is horrible.

message 14: by Steve (new)

Steve Parcell | 900 comments Alien and Aliens superb. Next 2 (or is it 3) poor. I thought Prometheus was very poor

message 15: by Bittman (new)

Bittman  (bittman) | 46 comments You thought it was...or you think it is?

message 16: by Steve (new)

Steve Parcell | 900 comments You say tomatoe. I say Tomato. It was a poor film

message 17: by Jay (new)

Jay (okay_jay) | 215 comments I'm one of those strange folks who actually like Alien3. I understand the criticisms, certainly, but the tone and themes appeal greatly. I felt Resurrection wasted one of the greatest supporting casts of all time, and was deeply disappointed by Prometheus. It could have been truly great, but was a mess, albeit one with a few great moments.

message 18: by Bill (last edited Apr 27, 2016 09:13AM) (new)

Bill (llibrro) | 1113 comments Alien was classic awesome. Aliens... Too 80s. Tried hard to like 3. Don't remember 4. Prometheus blew goats.

Okay. Take it back. Prometheus didn't blow goats. I'll have to watch it again, along with Aliens before I give a final assessment. There is Alien, and then there is a bunch of other stufff with the word Alien in the title (except Prometheus, and with good reason). I recall when Ridley Scott was asked to make a directors cut of Alien his response was something like "But it's already perfect" which was true; you can't improve on perfection. By that same logic, asking James Cameron to make a sequel was like asking him to improve on perfection. Can't do it. So he did something else. After which stroke of his brush upon the canvas of the Mona Lisa did Leonardo say "she'sa done?" and stop and move on to something else?

message 19: by Bill (new)

Bill (llibrro) | 1113 comments Sunshine, Pitch Black, Event Horizon. Those rock

message 20: by Bill (new)

Bill (llibrro) | 1113 comments Aliens had the guy from that TV show with Hellen Hunt. Hated that guy. And Bill Paxton whined like a bitch the whole time.

message 21: by Pickle (last edited Apr 26, 2016 03:59PM) (new)

Pickle | 51 comments Alien - 10/10 scifi-horror at its best

Aliens - for me another 10/10 thought it was great but in a completely different way to the first.

Alien 3 - 4/10 hated it from the minute it ruined the whole point of the second movie. Crap

Alien 4 - 4/10 - what was the hybrid thing? time to call an end to the series at the last movie.

Alien/Predator - i hated each one.

Prometheus - if this appeared on a sat afternoon as daytime tv movie fair enough. It was awful... as a serious sci-fi movie it gets a 0/10 as a silly tv scifi 5/10

message 22: by J. (new)

J. Gowin | 1418 comments Prometheus is catching a lot of flak. It does deserve some criticism on things like plot and "borrowing" from 2001. However, most of the barbs being slung are because of a movie that Ridley Scott doesn't seem to accept.

Think about it this way. Most of the big things that people get mad about not seeing, are things from Aliens. Colonial marines, alien hive, alien castes, empathetic android, and her infernal majesty, the queen were all from Aliens. Scott didn't make it, so it isn't in his universe.

It seems that what people really wanted was a prequel to Aliens, not Alien.

message 23: by Steve (new)

Steve Parcell | 900 comments llibrro wrote: "Alien was classic awesome. Aliens... Too 80s. Tried hard to like 3. Don't remember 4. Prometheus blew goats."

Oi "Blew Goats" is my phrase. Actually its Mike Myers in Wayne's World.

message 24: by Steve (new)

Steve Parcell | 900 comments Just for the record Aliens would be in my top ten films of all time. Bill Paxton whined in the film as that was the point of his character. Marines thinking it would be easy and then realising pretty quickly this was significantly harder than they thought.

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