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Clara I love this book, it's so full of plot twist I forgot how many there are!

1-I forgot the prologue is from Chett’s point of view. He blames everything that happens to him on Jon and Sam, after all, Sam took the place he had with Maester Aemon. So, Chett is trying to make the hounds hunt a bear. It turns out what Jon heard in A Clash of Kings was not just tired men talking, they want to murder Mormont. Lark the Sisterman and Small Paul are one of the few that form this group, and Small Paul is not the smartest guy out there, but he’s the strongest, so Chett needs him. I didn’t like Chett before, but reading this again made me like him even less.

2-So, the plan was to kill Mormont before the daybreak. Small Paul asked if they had to kill them, and the others said yes, the Lord Commander would not let them go just like that. Chett also planned to kill Sam, just because he hated him. They would kill in the third watch, I guess is one where most are deeply asleep.

3-I forgot this one the biggest ranging in living history. Smallwood came back, and he had news. The wildlings were coming down following the Milkwater, and they saw 20000-30000 people, which is insane, and 5000 mounted with Harma the Dogshead. They had no idea the wildlings could have 5000 horses. They were moving really slow, but it wasn’t just men going, but women and children and animals, like they didn’t plan to go back to their villages at all. I know why know, but I had no idea why they were all travelling the first time.

4-Mormont strenghened the Fist for the fight, but Chett thought it was useless. I mean, if they have all 30000 on them, it will be pointless. And Chett, like the men who planned to kill Mormont, thought they should go out of there. I mean, the odds are pretty bad for them at this point, I think I would want to go back as well.

5-Smallwood wanted to attack, which I forgot, and talked to every men who wanted to hear about it. Mormont was waiting for Buckwell and Qhorin to go back, I forgot Buckwell group didn’t go back. Chett wishes Jon and Ghost are dead. I mean, I get he was in a comfortable position working for Aemon, but he really, really hates Jon and Sam. And Sam went with them, it’s not like he’s worm back in Castle Black.

6-Chett didn’t feed the hounds for three days so they would be desperate, which is pretty cruel. He planned to let them loose that night, so the horses would be afraid and everything was chaos. He thought the remaining brothers would take a while to notice 14 men were missing. I guess Chett chose men like him, with no honor and who didn’t give a shit about the Watch to be in his group. He also planned to free the ravens, so the men couldn’t send a message to the Wall, I guess is kinda clever. He seems to have so much faith in his plan.

7-Chett knew he couldn’t go home, to where a lot of men of the group wanted to go. The deserters were killed, he knew. He didn’t want to go to his home either, his father was a leechman, and he had nothing there. He wanted to have Craster’s Keep, and why just be a lord where he could be a King? He reminded me of Theon here.

8-I forgot he was in the Watch because he killed a girl, Bessa, because she didn’t want to fuck him, but she did slept with the other boys. He has some problems it seems.

9-Chett thinks the command will pass to Wythers once he kills Mormont, and that he won’t go after them because he just wanted to be alive. This Wyhters doesn’t seem like the best man the Watch has. Small Paul wonderd what they will do with Mormont’s raven, and if the bird will tell about them killing. Of course, the others just tell him things so he could shut up, and then Small Paul decided he wanted the raven for himself. It was kinda weird.

10-Sam was practicing with the bow, and he couldn’t hit the target, so Chett, being the asshole that he is, laughs. I forgot Dolorous Edd was blamed for everything that got lost, since once he lost his white horse in the snow. This guy is funny. Green was helping Sam practicing too, which I really liked. Sam hit the target the third time he tried, and he was so happy, aw. Chett scared Sam, telling him how Mance’s men wouldn’t stand still. I loved Dolorous mocked Chett, he’s an asshole and he deserves it.

11-Chett goes and informs Mormont they couldn’t find the bear. Mormont calls the men, and he tells them the wildlings with Harma would be on them in ten days, and how he hopes they don’t know the Watch is near. Chett thinks they know, two out of the five groups of rangers didn’t come back, and it makes sense he thinks they know, I’ll give him that. The Lord Commander says they will ride north at dawn. Some men complained, but then he said why they used the black, and thet they may all die, but they were men of the Night’s Watch. They say the vows, and Chett and his group say it too, and he’s glad, maybe they would suspect if they didn’t, which makes sense. When there was silence, the raven said “die”, which is pretty creepy.

12-Chett started doubting, if maybe saying the vows again changed the mind of the men that were supposed to kill their Commander that night. He then notices how quite it is, and he thought of Bessa, which was really out of place and he wonders why he thought of her. It was interesting.

13-Snow is falling, and not just a little. Chett starts to cry, his plans are all ruined because of the snow. He thinks how the snow took everything he had, and I couldn’t stop thinking about Jon, and how he blames him for being there. The bastard thinks he can at least kill Sam, so he goes to his place. The ravens know him, so they wouldn’t make noise, and I was so mad at that, and I feared for Sam.

14-Chett hears the blow of a horn, which means rangers are returning. He gets really mad, he might not be able to kill Sam. He deserves it though, he’s a bad man. Sam wakes up and sits, half the camp is awake at that point.They hear the horn again, but this was longer and louder, and it meant foes. Sam asked Chett if there was two blows, and Chett starts thinking how Mormont said ten days and there they were. But then, they heard a third blow, which means Others. Sam was pale as the snow, and Chett pissed himself, and I can’t blame him. How fucking scary this is, and what a way to start a book!e

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Vicki Kalb | 310 comments A Storm of Swords is one of my more favorite books in the series because, like you said, there's so many plot twists it keeps you on your toes.

Your point 3, it just occurred to me that the wildlings could have smuggled horses from the coast by people like Davos over a long period of time. I think I read that somewhere it happens more often than the Seven Kingdoms would like to admit. It must have been very alarming for them to know there are so many horsed wildlings coming for the Wall! I don't think they've even seen the giants and mammoths yet.

Your point 14, I loved this prologue better than the first two books' prologues. Maybe because I already have an idea who these people are and what they're up against. George Martin has a way of making me feel good that Chett is so scared at the same time I feel terrible for him, because he's so scared. I would be too.

1. So here’s Chett’s point of view, the jerk who hates Jon and Sam for losing his steward position for Maester Aemon. He’s still at the Fist of the First Men with Mormont and the others, hating it here because of the cold. Right now he’s trying to track a bear with his dogs but the dogs are all frightened.

2. His two other hunting companions, Lark the Sisterman and Small Paul, discuss murdering the Lord Commander. Seems Small Paul is the big stupid one in the group. He doesn’t want to kill Mormont if he doesn’t have to; he just wants to get back to the Wall like the others, but his friends say if they don’t kill him he’ll hunt them down for being deserters. Chett has a list of others they also need to kill before they go and Sam’s on the list, so he doesn’t try to write a letter warning the others on the Wall.

3. Thoren Smallwood returned three days ago, telling everyone that Mance is moving down the Milkwater now. There’s about 20 to 30 thousand in total, and Harma the Dogshead has the van, 500 on horse, but they’re still a ways behind and moving slow. Half are woman and children, bringing their beasts of burden and everything else they own. They don’t mean to go home. All the more reason Chett and the others want to retreat back to the Wall. They’re not prepared to fight that many wildlings. Thoren Smallwood is one of those who wants to stay and fight, so I’m guessing he’s not with the secret band of mutineers.

4. Mormont only wants to stay because he’s waiting for the rest of his scouts to return, including Qhorin Halfhand and Jon Snow. The other party led by Jarmen Buckwell are also late returning and we have no idea what happened to them. Urg, Chett hopes Jon and Ghost are dead. Those two would be much more difficult to kill should they happen to show up.

5. Chett is an asshole; he’s starved his dogs for three days straight so they’ll be extra vicious when he sics them on the horses, stirring chaos so they can get away unnoticed.

6. There are 14 in total who are part of this scheme, and that’s all Chett wants. Any more and it would be hard to keep it a secret. It seems Chett’s the leader. Of course he would be...he is an asshole. One of the recruits is Softfoot, a man who supposedly raped 100 women in his youth without them knowing he was there, damn! Chatt can’t wait to kill Sam; he has it all planned out in his head how he will do it. That man never let it go. Small Paul is actually a very big man, like Little John in Robin Hood; he and Softfoot are going to kill Mormont while the others kill the guards on third shift watch. Apparently when Mormont dies the command will go to Ser Ottyn Wythers, an old man who can’t wait to run back to the Wall.

7. Lark wants to go back to his home on the Sister Islands but Chett knows that’s a death sentence. Once you join the Night’s Watch and say your vows you can’t ever leave or you’ll be a deserter and everyone in the Seven Kingdoms will try to kill you. Maybe if they went to the Nine Free Cities they could be free, but Chett doesn’t know their languages, nor does he have a trade to make a living. His father collected and sold leeches to maesters, twelve for a penny, while he was growing up. Sounds like an interesting job, but Chett refuses to go back to that lifestyle. He personally has eyes for Craster’s Keep. He’s thinking about taking it from him. One man with a horde of women...sounds like it would be hard to protect your land from other men. We learn when Chett was younger he wanted this whore and even gave her flowers he heard she liked but she just laughed at him and refused to service him because of his boils on his face. Did he not present her with money as well? He killed her for laughing at him and one of Walder Frey’s bastards went to do his judging for him, sentencing him to the Wall where he can’t have any women now, except the whores in Mole’s Town. He means to steal Craster’s wives, never going back to the Wall where he will be caught and tried for mutiny.

8. I like this Small Paul. He doesn’t have the heart to kill Mormont’s raven so he asks if he can keep it. :) Chett says sure just to shut him up.

9. Chett decides to be a dick and makes fun of Sam who is so proud of himself for shooting the target with a bow and arrow. Grenn and Dolorous Edd are encouraging Sam, Edd being funny about it as usual, and Sam is so happy, until Chett happens. He has Sam shaking in fear when his friends defend him, which made me smile. Sam isn’t just Jon’s friend anymore. :)

10. Chett doesn’t seem a very good dog owner by the amount of kicking he dishes to the hounds. He even thinks about eating them. Well if they really are starving for food, I guess that’s not a bad idea.

11. Even in the daylight it’s getting noticeably colder. Everyone agrees on it. If you were to touch steel with a bare hand your skin will peel off; that’s how cold it is. At dusk, Dywen, who is not part of Chett’s 14, says the forest is uncannily silent, none of the animals are making any sound, which is a bad sign. They’ve all up and left. It has some of Chett’s men very nervous, Sawwood and Maslyn especially.

12. All of a sudden there’s shouting for all men to attend a meeting at the central fire. Mormont and his officers inform everybody that the wildlings are descending on them and will probably reach the Fist in ten days. Mormont doesn’t believe they know they’re here but Chett thinks they know. Smallwood and Mormont agree to have the whole party go up in the mountains to deal with Mance’s army tomorrow morning. Most of them are women and children and most that will fight don’t have steel weapons and are undisciplined, so they should be able to hold them back. They plan to ambush them in the mountains where there are lots of places to hide. Yeah, this doesn’t sound smart...

13. Mormont says most of them will probably die, if not all, but a Lord Commander a thousand years ago once said that’s why they wear black. I wonder who this Lord Commander was. Then the officers repeat their Night’s Watch creed until all 300 men recite it together. After they finish, Mormont’s raven repeats very loudly, “Die." Wow, awkward timing.

14. That night Chett frets over all the things that could go wrong. He’s nervous like everybody else, but for different reasons. He wakes up after dreaming of Bessa, that whore he killed, and sees it’s snowing heavily. He cries because it’s not fair...the snow will destroy his plans to escape. They’ll leave footprints clear as day in the snow. They’ll lose their food caches and the trail they’re supposed to follow, too. They’ll be totally lost. He hates snow, which reminds him of Jon Snow, of course. Are you going to blame the weather on Jon too?

15. Chett decides to take it out on Sam before they all die. He finds Sam’s tent and readies his knife but all the ravens start quorking the word “snow” which could wake the boy. Instead, Sam is wakened by the distant sound of a brother’s horn. Chett swallows his curse. Ha!

16. I really like the tension George Martin achieves here, of Chett’s thoughts as the horn blows. One means rangers returning. Chett assumes Buckwell or Qhorin returned when the horn blasts again. Two blasts means wildlings attacking. Sam and the whole camp freaks out. It’s too early for the wildlings to reach them here and they’re not prepared. Chett taunts Sam when a third horn blasts. There hasn’t been a third blast in hundreds of thousands of years. The ravens are all freaking out now. Sam squeals it’s the Others and it’s priceless when Chett half laughs, half sobs, and pisses himself. I don’t feel bad for him so much, but I do feel bad for Sam and the others I care about. :(

Clara Oh, you have a point there about the wildlings and the horses, and I bet they trade with the Seven Kingdoms, like you say. And it must have been going on for a long time, to have 5000 horses. I think I like this prologue more than the others as well, and even though is quite long, I didn't feel it was boring or anything. And I think like you say, knowing what happens to the characters change your perspective, and even if I still don't like Chett, it was so scary to read, and he was honestly terrified, and is hard not to feel bad for someone who assume they will die in a terrible way, and who sees what they thought was a tale, be real. Even if he heard stories about what happened back in the castle, and even if he saw them, they are in an open field, and I don't think you can be fully brave against them. Not Chett, at least.

About your point 8, I liked Paul too. According to Chett he is dumb, and I got the idea they talked him into this, maybe telling him he will die otherwise.

Lol at the question in your point 14, he will probably blame Jon. But it was just karma for Chett, he is an asshole.

About your point 16, I love that too. I felt scared even this time, it's quite intense.

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