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message 1: by Jen (last edited Dec 08, 2015 09:18AM) (new)

Jen | 101 comments Mod
Since all readers agreed, we're skipping right on ahead to the end! In the future, I'll probably make discussions include more chapters so that there's more to talk about.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be reading the sequels. I thought the prose was fitting. Once in a while all the descriptiveness and run on sentences felt like a little too much, but in the end I thought it made sense for the character and the novel.

I liked learning about Adam's brother and understanding why he joined the army. I still wish the author didn't try so hard with him. I liked that superman analogy Moriah brought up last time. He'd be a lot more interesting if he wasn't made out to be so perfect. Even though I hate Warner, he's sure as hell a lot more interesting than Adam.

The ending was unexpected, now there's a whole X-men story line going on! It's a little weird, because I'm wondering how they're going to include so much more science fiction in this novel. If I had to sum up this novel I'd say it's a romance with a dystopian subplot, while most novels are the other way around. So now that there's so much more going on with the powers and the dystopian story, I'm wondering if this series is going to read more like a dystopian now.

I'm definitely ready for the sequels, and I'm sooo curious to know why Adam and Warner can both touch Juliette.

message 2: by Moriah (last edited Dec 08, 2015 05:37PM) (new)

Moriah (justmaaya) I'm so bummed we learned almost nothing about Adam except that he's a brother.

Like you said originally, Jen, the romance ended up feeling insta-lovey for me in the end. Because they had a history, I held out hope that their relationship's quick progression would feel justified in the end, but now I just feel...meh. About them.

I have no idea how Warner's character will ever be redeemed (and I vow to never bend on my hatred of him), but I can see how we could easily detach from Adam later on in the series and shift our focus elsewhere.

I really am looking forward to the sequels though. I loved the writing and felt like the book flew by whenever I was reading it. And, now that Juliette is finally getting out and about, I'm really interested in discovering more about the state of her world.

As for this book, it was a pretty strong start to a series. It left enough to be desired that I'll want to continue--soon--while keeping me interested in whatever was going on wherever I was in the story.

And...X-MEN. OMG. (I so knew it.)

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Jen | 101 comments Mod
I agree, Cecilie. I'm usually not crazy about the triangles either. And yeah this is a good guy versus bad guy case it seems. Yes I intend to set up buddy reads for the next two books. Moriah and I even want to buddy read the novellas but those discussions will just be one thread. I'm not going to divide them by chapter since they're shorter.

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Jen | 101 comments Mod
Moriah, I totally agree with you about Adam and Warner. I also could see myself detaching from Adam easily since I'm not that crazy about his character and, just like you, I am adamant about hating Warner for the entirety of the series. I'm curious to see what happens in the later books that make people love him so much. I'm kind of dying to know what's so great about him because right now he's just so despicable. On the other hand, i'm wondering if this is just a case of girls liking the abusive boyfriend character, a trope all too common in the new adult genre.

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