The Blind Assassin The Blind Assassin question

Is it worth the booker?
I have read almost all the books that have won the booker. But Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood is a big letdown. The book could have been skimmed out at 250 pages. The 637 page drag of a novel is nothing but a painstaking read. Hardly a page turner and hardly any surprises. Unwanted details have been pumped in with meaningless ranting by the author. Story within a story within a story is fine, but looses the point in this book.

Really? I loved the book. I read it a while ago, but loved it at the time. It was definitely a story within a story though.

Don't you think the detail from Iris just shows her recreation of the events but is ironic because she turned such a blind eye to the actual goings on with Laura?
I loved the book, so incredibly written and powerful.

Susan Crawford Yes. I loved it the way it was written. I thought everything in the book belonged there.
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I wondered about the Booker prize when I was reading this one. Although I loved it, and ended up giving it a 5 star, I didn't think there was anything particularly unique or clever about the plot. The reveal at the end was predictable. I guess the award came about because of the combination of genres - the telling of the realistic family story with the sort of pulpy portions about the Blind Assassin in-between - but I didn't think it was revolutionary. I guess I would have to look at the other shortlisted from that year to form a final opinion. It was at least beautifully written and I thought that Iris was a well developed character at least.

I can think of plenty of less interesting Booker winners (most recently The White Tiger, not to mention The Sellout), and for me this was better and a lot more subtle than the Handmaid's Tale.

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