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Harry and Ginny or Harry and Hermione?
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Just your opinion on the couples. Who do you think would be better together, Harry and Ginny or Harry and Hermione? Try not to add too many spoilers.

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None of the two of them are one of my favourite pairings (I ship H/L actually...), so here...

Let's go by canon (fanon's completely different)

I think that Hermione and Harry had a sibling sort of relationship and he didn't think Hermione was especially pretty. She annoyed him a lot of the time, with her attitude and we all know he preferred Ron over her (favoured him in arguments, hung out with him more, Ron was the thing Harry missed most...). Oh and Hermione preferred Ron too, as she had feelings for him and not Harry, although she did care a ton about Harry's safety.

Harry and Ginny are admittedly not my favourites. But Harry thinks she's pretty, funny and is generally impressed by her. The relationship realistically started with jealousy, as Ginny kisses Harry's roommate (oooh drama!). Harry broke up for her over her safety, but missed her.

I think Harry/Ginny is a better pairing.

Nabiya I like Ron and Hermione together. For some reason I have a lot of hate for Ginny. I don't like her at all. Don't know why I don't like her so much. So ...more
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I definitely prefer Harry with book Ginny. I can see why people might say he belongs with Hermione, but I disagree.
I think that book Ginny was a perfect match for Harry, as she was sassy and fun, besides desperately in love with him. Even though Harry didn't realize it, I think he had a crush on her from the beginning. The scenes in which JK Rowling makes Harry start noticing his emotions for Ginny while just struggling because of Ron are just to cute.
Hermione, on the other hand, was right to end up with Ron (my opinion). They are like opposites and thats why they fit perfectly and complete each other. Throughout the books I noticed romance between them in several occasions, and Hermione always got so hurt when Ron did something stupid to her. This makes me believe that she always loved him, as more than a friend.

Harry and Ginny because strategically in an author's point of view, it was sort of the only thing that made sense. And it gave Harry an extra reason to worry about the health/state of the Weasley family. Also, who would Ron have been with, since I assume he had to be with someone?

And also the books would have been really different if Harry started focusing on Hermione. She's not a love interest-- she's a sidekick. It would completely throw off the series.

I figured just now that the answer is NEITHER. Hermione is just not the kind of character who fits well into any romantic/shipping subplot. She's calm, cool, collected, and a sidekick. Not emotional and not one to drag down the plot with that sort of thing. That stuff was all put on Ron. So I'd say the answer is that Harry should like Ginny and Hermione and Ron might not even have to be together at all.

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Harry and Ginny

I see why Harry and Hermione make sense, he is the main male character and she is the main female character. However, I LOVE Hermione and Ron together. Also the idea of their patronus is ADORABLE. Harry and Hermione don't have that. I'm not sure who I like Harry with. Ginny is better than Cho. I also don't think Luna is right for him.

Absolutley Harry and Ginny. Hermione and Harry are best friends. Their have a brother / sister relationship. They depend and love each other, but never in that way. You could tell from the beginning that it should Hermione would be a sister figure to Harry, and vice versa. I honestly could never imagine Harry and Hermione a couple. Their just too much like brother and sister.
" She's like my sister. I love her like a sister and I reckon she feels the same way about me."

Hinny! I have so much to say on it, and with nothing against, I don't know where to begin! Fire some Harmony reasons at me and I'll come right back at you ^^

Nabiya LOL.
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I don't know. I didn't like the Harry / Ginny pairing and I really didn't like the Ron / Hermoine pairing.

Frankly, I would have liked it if Hermoine ended up with somebody completely different, perhaps Krum.

And Harry should have ended up with Luna (or someone else entirely) perhaps. Ending up with Ginny was just too much wish fulfilment IMO. Not only does Ginny look a bit like his mother with her red hair, propensity for charms and jinxes, her fun and witty personality; BUT she also exemplifies everything that Harry longs for, i.e. a family. More than once it is stated that the Weasleys are Harry's favourite wizarding family, and since Ginny is the only female Weasley of appropriate age, well there you go. So I often wonder how in love Harry was with Ginny herself, or was he more in love with the idea of Ginny as a Weasley?

In the end, I would have broken up the "dream team" (as Snape said) and have them all marry different people.

my old self would've said Harry-Hermione period, but now i just think Harry should've just gone for the whole single-blessedness route or marry someone else, a nobody like Malfoy's Astoria or maybe a "no-maj" (shheesh) because i think him and Hermione aren't just romantically compatible and also they've got this great dynamic as friends and anything more would've ruined that. On the other hand being with Ginny just felt too much like Cinderella-ic wish fulfillment.

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