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Here we are.

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Welcome! So what all are you comfortable with?

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Just about anything. Wanna do like a quick romance scene, just to see how we work together?

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((We can just improvise))

Derrick was staggering through the streets one night after leaving a bar. He was just kicked out of his house and was now basically just walking the streets until he stumbled upon a familiar house. It belonged to and old friend of his. He didnt have any other options, so he tried to knock.

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((I meant to put it was cold and night out too))

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 378 comments Noel had just started her daily work out routine. All of a sudden a random, light knock came at the door. She glanced at the clock wondering who could be knocking so late at night. As she peeked through the curtains on the window, her eyes widened, she couldn't believe who it was. Noel assumed that maybe her eyes were just playing tricks on her. She opened the door quickly, and glanced at the obviously drunken man before her. "Can I help you?" She asked wondering if he remembered who she was or maybe it was just a plain coincidence he ended up on her doorstep.

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"Hey Noel... Its me Derrick from highschool" he slurred and staggered a little bit. "I'm sorry to bother you this late, but can I stay here tonight. I don't have anywhere else to go" he said with another slur

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 378 comments Noel smiled softly, "I though it was you." She said with a warm, friendly embrace. "Sure, you can stay here. Don't worry about it." She said sweetly as she held the door open for him to walk in.

((How much more?))

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((We can stop now if you like. I like the way you write))

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 378 comments ((okay. Thank you!:) so what did you have in mind for the roleplay?))

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Perhaps a highschool setting. The guy and girl have been friends for years. Practically since birth. But after saving her life in a tragic fire recently has left the guy unable to talk. Now its their senior year at the new school?

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And their relationship grows into something more than friendship

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 378 comments how would they communicate?

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Like sign language or writing what he wants to say

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 378 comments do u want to start characters? do u want to be the guy or the girl?

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I'd like to be the guy of that's alright?

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 378 comments yup thats cool, and do u want to make your character first or me?

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You first. You wanna keep it short and sweet? Maybe like name age and appearance

☾ ℓιттℓє ωαℓℓfℓσωєя ☽ | 378 comments First Name: Aubree
~ Meaning: Nobility or strength ~

Last Name: Lee
~ Meaning: Clearing ~

Age: 17

Physical Appearance

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Yeah, sorry.

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Name: Jason
Age: 18
Appearance: will post in a sec

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