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message 1: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments ((Is River alright?))

message 2: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( yeah ))

message 3: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments ((Alright. Mind if I change the appearance a bit? https://em.wattpad.com/7634e951c5a19c...))

message 4: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( I don't really care,))

message 5: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments ((Alright, so I start?))

message 6: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( well if you mean start your character, yeah ))

message 7: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments ((The appearance is that random link. https://em.wattpad.com/7634e951c5a19c...))

message 8: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( well I thought we were changing the characters though :| I'm very confused ))

message 9: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments ((Oh. Whoops. I just wanted to change the appearance.))

message 10: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( ahh, well I'm gonna change my character ))

message 11: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments ((Ok. Cool. And my character has a slight lisp. Okay?))

message 12: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( your character has a slight what? ))

message 13: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments ((lisp. Like, its a speech defect where they have trouble pronouncing z and s.))

message 14: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( ah! Okay, will your character be the dominant one? ))

message 15: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments ((Sure.))

message 16: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( Okay, let me bring up a character, it'll take me a while though))

message 17: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments ((Ok.))

message 18: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments • Name • Lucas Alexander Anderson
• Nickname • LA, Luke, Lou, Cas, LAA, Alex, Xander, Anderson
• Gender • Male
• Age • 17 Years old ( a few years younger then your character )
• Birthday • December 25th
• Appearance •

• Personality • Lucas is a quiet kid, he doesn't speak at all, he never has and never will, he's a good kid, always listens well and always does his work, you can never doubt that. Lucas won't ever speak, he vowed after his mute mother died that he would never speak again until he found true love. Lucas has always been mute, even before his mother died, nothing could ever get him to talk, of course except true love.
• History • TBRPD
• Sexuality • Openly Homosexual
• Crush • ^_^
• Family •
Lila Anderson :|: Mother
Mark Anderson :|: Father
Caleb Anderson :|: Brother
• Pets •
Red |:| Bird
Jewel |:| Rat
• GPA • 4.0
• Grade • Junior
• Income Status • Rich
• Family Status • Rich
• Other • None

message 19: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Cool. Okay. I start, or you start?

message 20: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( can you remind me of the idea again? And where should I start? And how old is your character? ))

message 21: by manya (last edited Dec 07, 2015 06:40PM) (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments ((Ok, ok. My character is 19. The idea is basically, you have this countdown on your hand that counts down the amount of time until you meet your soulmate, whether it be just a random stranger, or someone you know. In order for it to work, though, you have to make eye contact with them and speak to them. I think they meet up, realize they are soulmates, but hate each other. You can start from anywhere, I'm thinking they meet a little later.))

message 22: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( well, Lucas doesn't speak,so how is this damn relationship gonna work XD, cause even thought he vowed, he never said for how long he'd speak for XD ))

Lucas walked down the street, his hood up and his earbuds in, nothing could disturb him from being alone and by himself, he hated how his father had sent him outside in the freezing cold winter, just so that he could screw his boyfriend. Lucas sighed softly and he looked around when he saw a small glimpse of someone he knew he shrugged it off and sighed one more.

(( btw: the glimpse he saw was not your character ))

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manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon was in the bakery. He wasn't buying anything, heaven forbid, but was instead behind the counter, frantically trying to keep the customers under control as his sister, Callie was baking in the back, seeming completely at ease. Over the last few days, the bakery had been overflowing. Probably because valentines day was right around the corner. The red decorations made him bitter, seeing as though he hadn't met his partner.

message 24: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Lucas decided to go to the bakery, but before he could even walk forward, his friend appeared out of no where, he sighed softly and he shook his head, he said nothing as his friend dragged him into the nearest bakery. Lucas blushed when he saw so many people inside the bakery, he cowered behind his friend who groans and rolled his eyes, he then stood in line with Lucas.

message 25: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon looked down at his countdown, amidst all of the people still waiting. He was unsurprised, seeing as though the amount of time until he had a conversation with this "soulmate" of his was pretty large. Maybe his soulmate was a hermit? That would make sense, knowing Landon. When kids had been interested in dating, Landon had a mostly nonexistent love life.

message 26: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Lucas and his friend were fourth and fifth in line, Lucas had no intentions of talking, and he sighed his friend said that he knows someone who would possibly be perfect for him, Lucas had just groaned at the thought, now groaning didn't count, since technically it wasn't speaking. Lucas looked at his friend like he was crazy, he wished he could just tell his friend that, but didn't really think he could, he didn't want break the vow nor did he really want to speak anyways.

message 27: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon drummed his fingers on the counter, soon growing restless. Taking orders from mostly rude people who looked at him in disdain when he asked for a tip did get really boring really fast. He continued to take orders, and his voice grew more and more mechanical until he was practically speaking like a robot. And worse, he couldn't help but to glance down at his countdown, in case something stopped or it suddenly flashed zeroes.

message 28: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments It was Lucas's and his friends turn, they walked forward, Lucas's friend smiled at Landon, " Hi, we would both like black coffee with no sugar," Lucass friend says, he then looked at Lucas. Lucas nodded as to confirm his order, he didn't say anything else as he looked down at his hands, he was fumbling around with his countdown watch, he made a small face, noticing the time on it, he shook his head slightly, he knew it would be a long time until he spoke.

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manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon smiled back. "Two black coffee's with no sugar?" He asked, putting the orders into the little register thingy. "That sounds disgusting! I can barely stomach coffee with tons of sugar in it. Black sounds like a nightmare." He mumbled, mostly to himself. "That'll be $6.34," Landon said, once more glancing down at his countdown. He found it almost addictive, the numbers hypnotizing.

message 30: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " Hey, you like what you like, we like what we like," Lucas's friend says, Lucas laughs, he looked at his friend, " So hey, I know this might sound weird, but my friend hasn't been doing to week on the dating life," Lucas's friend says. ' Ryan!' Lucas yelled in his mind, it came out as a squeak in reality.

message 31: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon choked on his spit a bit, and he started laughing. "Yeah, and you want me to help? I haven't been on a date in approximately 3 years!" he said, noticing how angry the people behind them were getting. "You know what, I might as well take my break now," he said to them. He turned to Callie, who handed him the coffees, and told her he was going on break.

message 32: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( I'll reply soon, ps I'm glad your back! ))

message 33: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments ((Ok! Thanks! My dad had blocked it for a bit, so. I had a status update about it lol)

message 34: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " Great, there you go Lucas, you got a date for while, of course I'll be tagging along, I have nothing to do anyways, just a little information dude, sorry don't know your name, Lucas doesn't talk, so don't be offended, it's just a childhood vow thing he made to his mother, so don't be offended," Lucas's friend says.

message 35: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon smiled. "Well, no offense, but you do enough talking for the both of you." Landon said. He tried to hide it, but he was actually feeling kind of flustered and...excited. The mysterious boy standing in front of him was, without a doubt, cute, and Landon hadn't been on a date in a while anyways. Just imagining the things they would do if they did get together made Landon's cheeks flush.

message 36: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Ryan laughed, " Welll I'm basically Lucass mouth until he starts talking," Ryan replied putting an arm around his blushing buddy, he laughs again when he sees Lucas's blush. Lucas did his best to hide his cheeks with his jacket, Lucas could imagine the things they would do, and that completely made him smile.

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manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon laughed. "Alright, alright. So, a date? Where to?" Landon asked. He couldn't help but remember the last time he'd asked out a guy. He was only 16, and he was experimenting. The boy had laughed at him and cursed at him, calling him a 'faggot.' He hadn't had the guts to ask anyone out since.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Ryan looked to Lucas, who mouthed the park, Ryan nodded, " The master has chosen the park, so to the park we go," Ryan says, using his hand that held the coffee he pointed towards the park. Lucas chuckled and he poked Ryan's side, Ryan only twitched, and he smirked, he watched his friend take a drink of the black coffee, he grinned.

message 39: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon bit his lip. He felt an odd surge of jealousy. He never had any close friends, everyone was scared of him because he liked boys. It didn't help that anyone who came close to him ended up being bullied for being his friend, and often got beat up. Suddenly, Landon didn't feel all that happy. He bit his lip and stuck his hands into his pockets. "Okay. Sounds good." Landon said quietly, his mind filling with bad memories he had managed to keep locked out.

message 40: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " So dude, woah you okay?" Ryan asked as he walked forward, he removed his arm from Lucas and instead wrapped it around Landon's shoulder, he didn't know Landon that well, he only knew him from a couple of times he went to the cafe. Lucas walked beside them, listening intently, knowing that he could help out or even relate to the problem.

message 41: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon couldn't help but tense at the touch. He uncomfortably shrugged it off, and he rubbed his face. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little tired." Landon said, joking it off. He really felt terrible, and he felt even worse now that he had just rejected the kind, talkative, mostly strangers help. He was such a wreck and he was sure everyone could tell. Landon focused on keeping his expression neutral.

message 42: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Lucas then tilted his head to the side, he moved Ryan out of the way, he then stood next to Landon, Ryan sighed softly, he began speaking, " Lucas wants me to say that he's been in the same place as you, that he never had any real friends, and he has no real friends but me, he's been pushed away and bullied for being gay," Ryan mumbled, knowing that he should use that tone instead of his normal upbeat one.

message 43: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon crossed his arms, and bit his lip once more. "Thanks, I guess." Landon said. He knew a lot of people had gone through what he had, but Lucas looked happy, and he acted happy, and Landon still felt very jealous. He wasn't at all comfortable with calling himself gay though. Even though he knew it was what he was, it didn't feel right to admit it to people.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Ryan then deserved a punch in the gut from Lucas, groaning he flinched, " Sorry Lucas, I meant homosexual," Ryan mumbled, Lucas hugged him and he hugged back before then walking again. Lucas was feeling down now, he didn't feel too well.

message 45: by manya (new)

manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon laughed. Lucas and Ryan did share quite a bit of a flair for the dramatic. "No it's totally fine. Sorry about that. My mood swings are similar to those of a pregnant woman." Landon said, feeling slightly better. He still felt slightly uncomfortable, but cheering up Lucas was worth it.

message 46: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Lucas chuckled slightly, he nudged Landon a little, Ryan looked at the two and groaned, " I hate being third wheel, you guys could be having fun right now, but all you guys are getting are bed memories," Ryan mumbled. Lucas rolled his eyes and looked away from Ryan, looking at Landon and smiling.

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manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon smiled at Lucas. "Well, a wheelbarrow needs three wheels. So does a tricycle..." Landon offered. He was actually glad Ryan was there, because he was sure that if it were just Landon and Lucas! it would be very awkward. If Lucas didn't talk, chances were, neither would Landon, and the entire date would be a ball of silence.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " Lucas, I think we just made a new friend," Ryan says as he draped an arm around them both, then before Lucas could even react, Ryan removed his arm from the both of them. Lucas smiled softly, they passed many people who eyes them with hatred, other walked past them with a smile.

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manya (amused_apples) | 359 comments Landon was trying his best not to run far, far away. The public affection and the physical contact made him feel dizzy. It really didn't help that the last thing he'd eaten was a scone for breakfast. He forced a smile, meeting the eyes of everyone he saw. Landon knew how to pull off a mask on his emotions, how to seem happy even though he wasn't.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Ryan growled at the people who gave the two a look, " God some people have the nerve," Ryan mumbled softly, he then looked at Lucas who looked like he was about to cry.

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