The Heart of Betrayal (The Remnant Chronicles, #2) The Heart of Betrayal question

What did you think of the book and the book ending?
Lauren Lauren Dec 07, 2015 01:26PM
I just finished it, and I want to talk about what the book and it's ending, and what others might think about what could happen next.

I agree with you that it did seem to end right away with to many lose ends but really I did enjoy the book I was able to get into it a lot better then I did when it came to the first one but the thing is in the end bot guys love her..... How is that going to turn out when is come to it all.

Aniketa (last edited Mar 13, 2016 09:13AM ) Mar 13, 2016 09:12AM   0 votes
HI! :)
I hope the author does better in the third book.
I did not like the end,in my opinion it was to abrupt.
Also, there are to many lose ends. I don't know how M.Pearson could tie everything up.
For example the clans are explored so little. If the action of the third book will be set in Dalbrek so no more Venda and the clans.
And is Lia the Komizar now?
How about her power?
How do you think will be treated Lia in Dalbreck?
And did I miss something? Like where is Kaden?
Did you like the ending?

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