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message 1: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (warriorlibrary) | 5 comments Mod
Alright, so, lets use this thread to write up a brief...or not so of our books. Many of us have finished. Not all, so don't feel pressured. But if you have finished the first book you chose, please write a review here with no spoilers and then choose your next book and let us know what you chose!

message 2: by Geoffrey (new)

Geoffrey | 3 comments I enjoyed Boy 21 well enough. It was a very easy and quick (no pun intended) read. However, the characters were not too complex, and I think more could have been explored with Finley's family background, especially the past events that lead to the ending. I think the book is great for reluctant readers, YA fans, and readers that like to read about suspense, basketball, and young adult problems and situations.

message 3: by Samiha (new)

Samiha Ashraf | 2 comments I have actually read 2 books. They are, "We Were Liars" and "This Song Can Save Your Life." I loved both of them very much. "We Were Liars" was sad, it made me cry. "This Song Can Save Your Life" was so energetic and had a lot of action. :)

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