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Audrae Hensen Audrae Dec 07, 2015 11:35AM
What is the major theme of your book and why do you think it is that?

Carolina, the poster queried as to the major theme of the book an Gabby answered it well.

'1984' was loaded with themes, but I think if you were to pick the major theme, it'd have to be totalitarianism (or the dangers of totalitarianism more specifically). The whole concept of Big Brother enforces that paranoia of being constantly watched and incarcerates people both physically and mentally.

I agree with Carolina.
The theme as I see it is the loss of identity by the systematic loss of civil rights, in particular-freedom of speech & expression.

George Orwell wrote brilliantly and persuasively and his work is multi-layered. So, I think his books encompass essential truths about the man state - as well as observations on political ideaology and thought. I believe his major theme is about how easy it is to lose our humanity. It is something he returns to again and again in his books. Yes, the totalitarian state is a cause and something to be loathed; but his knowledge of what happened in Nazi Germany makes him fully aware and able to illustrate how easily humanity can become savage, cruel, selfish and blind to everything except its own desires and needs. Loss of identity and loss of care for our fellow human beings are themes which run through other books of his. I love George Orwell's work and overtime I read one of his books, I learn something new.

Totalitarism is far too obviuos and Orwell was a very layered author. I guess a more subtle theme could be (lack of) identity of the individual within a marjority group or ideology.

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