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MH (librarian-m) | 236 comments Mod
If you could pick only *one*, what would you say is the single most profound way your library has changed since you were a kid??

message 2: by Christina (new)

Christina Jones (chj29er) | 5 comments The fact that there are fewer and fewer classic books to choose from, especially reference books. It's a problem as there sometimes reference material that's been discarded (like the Who's Who of American Women) and there are no other "hard copies" except in UT at the Mormon library or in the Library of Congress and the material is not available on line, of if it is, you need to have a "special pass" from a participating member library to access it which in effect makes it unavailable to most people. Classic literature is tossed and only new books may replace them which means if the patrons wanted to rebuild the collection through donations (which used to be done) they are not allowed. These books were out on the shelves and growing kids and teens could access them. Now all that's available, for the most part, are series by current authors, much which is on the same caliber as TV sitcoms/dramas...namely junk! I have no problem with ebooks or audio books, but not everyone has access to the hardware to use them. I love the computers in the library, but the lack of books makes it look less like a library and more like a Barnes 'n Noble...not a good thing. The library should be like the great ones on university campuses, filled with bookcases tightly packed with reading material...as much as possible and with a few center rows of tables and chairs for those doing research/reading. What we have today is not adequate to encourage reading/learning/scholarship.

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