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message 1: by Larry (new)

Larry Laswell (larry_laswell) I am in the system under Lawrence Laswell and as Larry Laswell. I have 4 books.

Marathon Watch by Lawrence Laswell
Marathon Watch by Larry Laswell
A Ship-load of Sea Stories & 1 fairy tale by Larry Laswell.
Vows to the Fallen by Larry Laswell

I am withdrawing Marathon Watch by Lawrence Laswell from distribution, and will be publishing all future books under Larry Laswell.

Can we delete Marathon Watch by Lawrence Laswell and merge everything into the Larry Laswell profile?

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (last edited Dec 07, 2015 10:58PM) (new)

rivka | 42444 comments Mod
Goodreads does not delete out-of-print books. Please see and

Since Marathon Watch was initially published under the name Lawrence K. Laswell, all editions of the work must have that name as the first listed author on Goodreads. The later editions have Larry Laswell as the second listed author.

Your other two books were only published under Larry Laswell, so they don't need that done. And your profile is now under Larry Laswell.

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