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Tomertheking I chose this book because it was about the communist revolution and I am really interested in that stuff. My friend recommended it to me so I chose it. I am currently on page 6. The farmer and the barn were described in the first few pages, and an old pig now comes to the barn animals and tells them of a weird dream he had. I enjoyed reading these few pages because the writing style is a bit informal and is easy to follow.

Frodo One of my favorite books-this is an allegory on Communism.
The loss of democracy & the development of a class system
It portrays the greed of man, as our true nature.
It packs a punch for such a short book

Marc Childs This book is on a very short list of my favorites ever. I try to read it once a year because you can rip through it in a day if you have a few hours set aside. Social commentary at it's finest without slipping into satire.

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Ola Allam I agree with Laura and Marc, it is one of my favorites. The thing about this book is that it's timeless; no matter what year you're reading this book in you will be able to relate it to what's going on in the world's politics.

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Seun Adeleke A good allegorical book. I cannot forget Snowball and Napoleon. I cannot forget the mantra "All animals are equal but some are more equal." Good book. It is a classic.

Jade~Lover Im liking it so far... I'm reading the booknin class... as a group.

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