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external conflict

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Miles Through the beginning of the book, a huge external conflict for the kids is Mr. Benedict's narcolepsy. The weird thing about this conflict is that Mr. Benedict does not want to try to create the conflict, it is a matter of bad luck. Narcolepsy is when someone falls asleep at random moments so for the kids it is very inconvenient. Many times have the kids needed him but he fell asleep at a random moment, creating a problem because they need to tell him something important. For example, when Reynie finds out where his adopted daughter is after she ran away, he cannot tell him because he falls asleep. Now Reynie has to get her by himself and will not be able to formulate a good plan with Mr. Benedict.

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in the book i under stand how Constance can predict the weather but being able to put thoughts in peoples minds is unexplainable and this is an external conflict for the group beacuse she can pull out any embaressing thought at any time this makes the team uncomfortable and cautious

Miles I think that that Constance being able to go inside people's thought's can be an external conflict but it is not most of the time. The only time it is a conflict is when she is and and wants to embarrass someone. However, most of the time she uses it for good, such as telling someone something important in there thoughts, instead of saying it out loud when a bad guy can here it. Also, another time she used it for good is when she was able to let Reynie know where she is by transmitting a code into Reynie's mind. Overall, I think Constance mostly uses this strange power for good so it is not really an internal conflict.

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I understand that part and agree but im still a little confused on how noticeing little things to see what some one is thinking

Miles It is a fiction book so it may not necessarily seem logical, but if the author feels it enhances the story they may include it. In this case this fictional trait enhances the story. It as the story better because as mentioned above, it creates conflict which creates action and makes the story more interesting. Also, it causes the reader to wonder about Constance, like we did. Once the reader starts thinking about Constance, there invested in the book which is always good.

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what if constance got her powers from the time she was in the whisperer

Miles I think that might be a possibility, but I don't think that is the case. If Constance get her powers from the whisperer, it had to be the time that she was in it in the first book. This is because she has powers in the second book, and she was not in the whisperer at all during the second book. The reason I think it is unlikely is Constance is gifted in the first book, and I think her powers are part of her gifts, it just took Mr. Benedict to discover them.

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im not saying your wrong but maby constance did have powers in the first book because she but she didn't realise it. think about it she can make people do anything she wants although she only demonstrated it once she can put a thought in someones mind pull out thoughts and (view spoiler)

Miles I said she had gifts in the first book

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sory i miss read but what i meant was the whisperer inhanced her powers but the page kept realoding over and over so i had a short temper

Miles I think Mr. Benedict has big internal conflict with his narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a disease that causes people to fell asleep at times when emotions run high. Earlier I talked about it being a conflict for the kids, but now I think it is a conflict for Mr. Benedict. I feel that it is a conflict for him because it prevents him from doing his work efficiently. This happens when he is working on the whisperer. He could have finished his work but because he falls asleep while working, precious time is wasted. Also, Mr. Benedict is always frazzled because of random fits of sleep, so he can never really be 100% focused.

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