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Internal and External conflicts

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Joaquin What conflicts did you guys notice in the story? I found that El Patron caused all the conflicts and the glass eye conflict seems to be the most important, please try and prove me wrong. This is the most important because if Matt messes up, he will meet his maker, although it isn't god, and lose control of the world, also failing Maria's mother's plans to save the world.

Sebastian I don't think that Maria's mom wants to save the world first of all but I do agree with you on the part about how El Patron started all the problems. Also It is hard to prove you wrong, but I think that in a way you can say that giving the animals to Esperanza is more important because it would save the world.

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Joaquin To be honest, these are two very important conflicts, but what about the saving of eejits? Matt didn't care much for Esperanza or Glass eye, but his objective was to save them. Matt basically saw how lifeless they are and decided to make it his life purpose to save them. Another reason for this rescue was that eejits died way to fast and brought pain to family's.

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Joaquin Actually, a major example of this are Chacho and Dr. Rivas who both went pretty crazy after family were turned into eejits. Chacho stayed with his Dad for about 2 weeks because he didn't want to leave him and Dr. Rivas brought in Glass eye and tried to kill Matt. These two situations show how bad eejits made the world.

Sebastian And again this shows how El Patron makes the world such a worse place. He ruins everything for everybody. He shot down a plane with over 300 people in it just because it was going over his property. Also they even call El Patron a vampire king with a zombie army.

Sebastian But eejits make the world go round in that book just like money, without them there would not be an empire and there would be no Matt, but I do believe that it is wrong to make illegals into robotic slaves.

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Joaquin Actually, I just realized this but the book states that El Patron was so old school that he has old T.V. shows and still uses people for farming, not machines. Amazingly, all of this could be avoided if El patron wasn't so stubborn and wanted to feel young.

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Joaquin But... on the other hand, these people are crossing the border illegally so they should be punished, but not this hard at all. Maybe they could be deported or returned, but overall they should actually punished now that I think about it. This conflict is confusing!

Sebastian Yes this conflict is really confusing but I do believe that the illegals should be punished very hard but only because of population control. El Patron is stubborn but it does give people jobs and actually it's more efficient because machines break down and need fuel while eejits only need food and they keep flowing in. Also they are better than people because you need to pay people.

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Joaquin Well! First off, El patron doesn't care at all about money... HE'S RICH! And second off, this doesn't give people jobs because they aren't payed so it isn't a job at all. Also a machine doesn't have a family that is waiting for him to send them to another country, but the eejits actually do. This may be a surprise, but machines are more efficient than humans because they can work faster. I understand that the eejits don't take breaks, but they can't move as fast as a machine and some eejits are slower than others. For example there is the eejit that died of thirst that Matt saw with Tam Lin.

Sebastian well I think that they are less efficent than machines but a least it takes care of the population control. Outside of Opium everything is crazy with all the people and all the polution so in a way it does help.

Sebastian Also what do you think about the climax and the resolution I think that the climax is when Matt gets taken in to Glass eye and Listen is used as a hostage. Also I think that the resolution is when Matt escapes with Cienfuegos and when Matt locks all the bad people into El Patrons safe.

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Joaquin I think the resolution is when Matt kills Glass eye to be honest and when he "uncouples" the star biosphere thing in the sky. I definitely think that climax is the same, but you could also argue that it starts when his friends come over or when Maria comes because that's when he starts to have problems. For example, There is the time when Chacho finds his dad or when Maria just comes in through the portal.

Sebastian Actually I think that when Maria jumps through the portal is the climax now because when she jumped through she ended up in a coma and that's also when Dr.Rivas let Glass eye in. The other one is right behind but I think this is the real climax now.

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Joaquin Yes, this is probably the climax, but to be honest now that I think about it there is no real resolution. This is probably because the story ends at a small resolution and not the big one. Even though they say that they have the solution to all the worlds problems, they don't really do it and use it more of a taunt. Basically, they never really ended the story and because of that, the main conflict is not solved.

Sebastian What are you talking about they ended the story alright. They ended it when Matt and Maria were going to get married and when they were flying in the hover craft. Then they gave everyone jobs and lived perfectly fine.

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Joaquin Yes, but what about all the people who lost their jobs and cant go back to their country. Or, the rest of the world who are suffering without certain animals. The ending only solved a few conflicts, but not all of them. Although they seem fine, they are suffering in multiple ways.

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Joaquin For example, there is the visual of Mexico and how bad it is down there. The author describes it as very poor and no where near where Opium is. This proves how much the rest of the world is suffering compared to Opium and why the main conflict has not actually been solved.

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