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Conflict and Climaxes in Eragon

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Cooper In Eragon, there is a new conflict every chapter. Can you think of any?

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Cooper I am on page 333, and the main external conflict right now is running from the Ra'Zac and the soldiers. Eragon's internal conflict is what he should do with the fallen elf.

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Cooper Now, the elf has communicated with Eragon, and the main external conflict is getting to the Varden before the Urgals capture them. (The Varden are symbolic of safety and hope, and The Urgals are symbolic of death.)

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Cooper The Urgals were not just Urgals. They are the best of the best, fighting machines trained to kill, if they get out of this conflict, there will most certainly be a conflict that arises with the ill-tempered Varden.

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Cooper The Urgals caught up with Eragon and Murtagh, and Eragon has figured out Murtagh's secret. With the eleves, will Eragon figure out his secret name? will he be killed by Murtagh for knowing too much?

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Cooper The elves accepeted Eragon, but I think there is an upcoming external conflict, which will be Murtagh (Man vs. Man [Elves])

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Cooper I am now on page 433, and there is a climax. Will Eragon's relationship with Alicia ruin both of their lives? I think it will not, and Alicia will soon exit Farthen Dur.

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Cooper Arya has awoken, and has battled with Eragon. The Twins have tested Eragon's strength. The climax is whether he is worthy. If he is, he will be trained by the twins and stay in Farthen Dur. I do not know what will happen if he is not deemed worthy.

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Cooper The Urgals have found a way into Trojenheim, and the Varden are now under attack. They have given Eragon and Saphira expensive armor. The conflict and climax are both the impending war. Eragon may be under pressure, for people have great expectations of him. If the war is lost, Eragon will be killed. If the war is won, King Gaballotrix may die.

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Cooper The Urgals and the Kull have entered Trojenheim and Farthen Dur. If they enter and capture Trojenheim, a new conflict will arise. The Varden will lay siege to the city, until the Urgals surrender. The climax as of now is whether Eragon, Arya , and Saphira will survive or die.

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Cooper I have finished the first book of the series.

Does anybody know the title of the second book?

Eragon slayed Durza, and when the dark spirit inside of him flew out, it magically stopped the main conflict, and the main climax of the battle between him and Eragon

The word "Brisingr" solved all conflicts.

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