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Judge Kludge (judgekludge) | 1 comments Hi,

I'm currently giving away free ARC copies of Kittysaurus in exchange for an honest review. If you're interested, message me here on Goodreads. - J. Kludge

When Clara and Zeke discover a series of bizarre fossils from an unknown cat-shaped dinosaur, they expect to make a groundbreaking contribution to the science of Paleontology. Soon they find themselves in the sights of Myles Vulture, a trillionaire with unlimited resources who will stop at nothing to obtain the rare Kittysaurus fossils for his own collection.

Their only hope of success requires a trip 145 million years into the past to a lost period of history called the Zanyzoic where Clara and Zeke run the risk of getting eaten by their own discovery!

Kittysaurus is a hilarious adventure, entertaining for middle school students, children and adults.

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Kevin. McKernan | 12 comments I am interested My e mail is Kevin@Kmckernan.com

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