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internal and external conflict

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Riley There is a lot of external conflict in the book Rules of the road by Joan Bauer. Some external conflicts are between her and her dad, man .vs. man. She has a bad relationship and gets in fights with her father about him not being there. This is good to have because it makes plot throughout the book. Having a lot of problems makes the book very fast and moving and it does not get boring. I like this book because of partially the external conflict. Why do you guys think the external conflict is good in the book?

Budd YOu also have the external conflict of mother and son as he tries to take over and sell the company.

I liked the book a lot. The story is indeed driven by external conflict. The protagonist, while not confident, has a good sense of herself. Not much internal conflict at all.

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Riley Yes I definitely see the conflict between the mother and her which would also be man vs. man eternal conflict. I saw one conflict when the daughter (Jenna Boller) said can i be a driver as my job and stop for know working at the shoe place, she asked her mom and her mom was not so sure. So they were arguing back and forth to see what she should do. That is how i think the conflict started, what do you guys think?

Riley One of the conflicts going on then was she is not spent very long driving and she has only drove in her moms car. So her mom did not create this conflict for safety i think it could also be money because they don't have a lot of money and Jenna is know stopping working at the shoe store. So this conflict bring so many legs of discussion as to of why it is made. Do you guys see any other legs to this piece of conflict?

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