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Internal conflict

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Juliet Stempler I am only on page three of Prom, but so far it is very good. I have noticed a major internal conflict, Ashley isn't cool. She thinks that after high school nothing matters, which is true. But there is another part to this, she hates high school! Maybe if she was cool she wouldn't hate it as much, she hates her town she hates the people and she hates how the people treat her. She needs to decide if she should be nicer to people maybe she would be more liked and would like people better. Any thoughts?

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Jordana Schwartz I totally agree! However, just like one of your other comments, this could also be an external conflict. For instance, you said in your response that she doesn't like how people treat her. This comes to show that she is having a conflict with other students. Do you agree?

Juliet Stempler I agree. I was wrong because an external conflict is man vs. society and that is what Ash was doing, because she lives in the society. So thank you for correcting my mistake.

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Jordana Schwartz I think you got the wrong idea from my response. I meant that it was both, internal and external conflict, depending on how you view her situation.

Juliet Stempler That is true. It is kind of both. Someone can easily argue that is internal. And someone can argue that it is external. Thank you for bringing up that excellent point.

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