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Jordan This is the discussion for holes and what characters have a conflict, wether it's internal or external.

message 2: by David (new)

David Hay I think that Zero had a major internal conflict because he was always not talking, thinking about his life and he started to read but soon after he ran away because he couldn't deal with it.

message 3: by Cole (new)

Cole M. Well I think that the most clear conflict in the book is stanley because he is the one who didnt even commit a crime but is still in this horrid camp for 18 months. He resolved that conflict when he finnally escaped

Jordan I agree but Zero has another internal conflict. This is because when his mother abandoned him, he was too afraid to speak and ask anyone for help.This is an internal conflict because it is an internal barrier preventing Zero from making things better for himself.

message 5: by David (new)

David Hay I completely agree with Cole because Stanley was imprisoned for an obsolete reason where is was patronized and basically tortured for months on end when he barely had anything to do with the situation.

Josh Wise I like Cole's. The other's are not even really conflicts.

message 7: by Cole (new)

Cole M. Thanks, i also think that zero has the same conflict but in a much bigger scale. He has committed an actual crime and has been in the camp for such a long time that when he finally does escape, the pride he has is unbelievable.

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