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Internal/External Conflict

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Elizabeth I think that in 'That Was Then, This Is Now", Bryon battles internal conflict on whether he should stick to Mark or Cathy. This is because now that he is growing up, he feels like being with Cathy is making him lose his close friendship with Mark. On the other hand, Mark despises Cathy, and is forever acting childish.

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Sam I agree
I think that the external conflict is that Bryon and Mark have been like for brothers for a long time, but as they get older they started to drift apart. The different boys start to like and dislike different things, but they also still want there old friend. But that old person is not there anymore so this is an internal and external conflict.

Elizabeth Bryon's internal conflict impacts his personality throughout the book - he becomes a person of insanity and he loses his confidence.

Elizabeth Their internal conflict creates the external

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Sam i aaggrree

Elizabeth The story revolves around both conflicts. There is one side of the story, which is Bryon battling his feelings. Then, there is him fighting with Cathy and Mark.

Elizabeth In some ways, I think Angela is also battling an internal conflict. I have a feeling that she regrets who she got married to, and wants to get back together with Bryon.

Alexisfun Elizabeth wrote: "In some ways, I think Angela is also battling an internal conflict. I have a feeling that she regrets who she got married to, and wants to get back together with Bryon."

I agree. I think Angela is battling some kind of internal conflict just maybe not the one that you are thinking of. I think she just regrets getting married in general. I mean Angela is in High school and it must be hard for her.

Kylematsen I think the main conflict in the book is man vs. man. I think its when Bryon calls the police on Mark for committing a crime. This conflict really shows how apart they drifted from each other as they got older

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Sam wow thanks for spoiling

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Daniela Sewards sorry sam ^^^

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Sam i agree that Angela has an internal conflict. But i also think that she has an external conflict. I think that he wants her to be like how she looks. so it is an inner and outer conflict. She wants people to like her.

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Daniela Sewards I agree with Elizabeth. I think that there is a very large internal conflict For Bryon with whether to stay with Mark or Cathy. Also A big part of it is that Mark and Cathy do not like each other and so Bryon debates on whether he should side with his girl friend or best friend. In my opinion, I say he should go with Mark.

Alexisfun I agree but I think that Mark dislikes Cathy more than Cathy dislikes him.

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Daniela Sewards Yes because she is taking away his best friend so I agree with Alex also.

Elizabeth The climax is when Bryon finds Mark's drugs when he is stressed. Then, he reports Mark to the police.

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Daniela Sewards Yes i agree

Elizabeth There is no resolution. The book ends with Bryon still stressed and confused about his life. The ending kind of seems like there would be a sequel book.

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Daniela Sewards It is the point in the book where all of the smaller different issues build up into this one big problem that is also known as the climax of our story.

Elizabeth I agree with Dani. The climax is when all the characters' problems build up to the moment where everything is about to change as Bryon reports Mark.


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Daniela Sewards Yes Elizabeth is right. There is no resolution to the book. They end up with both of their lives scattered, not knowing what to do and without one another. They both loose something extremely important to them. Each other.

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Sam ?

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Sam I dont really like it.

Elizabeth Can someone besides me or dani please say something productive?

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Daniela Sewards Like what?

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Daniela Sewards The book?

Elizabeth Sam this is about the conflicts, not whether you like the book or not

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Sam The conflict is a big part in this book

Alexisfun Yes it is Sam Yes it is.

Alexisfun Towards the end of the book the conflict (external and internal) Grows. It also expands out to other people such as M&M. The conflict gets pretty intense. (For those who haven't finished the book) The conflict even puts more pressure on Bryon and Cathy because of what happens.

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Daniela Sewards Yes

Elizabeth The conflict of a book leads to the climax. The end of the conflict leads to the resolution.

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Sam im not reading it anymore :)

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Daniela Sewards Yes except for that there really is not resolution to the story because they all still end up in a type of conflict.

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Sam :):):):):):):}:]

Elizabeth we don't care if you aren't reading it sam

Elizabeth Dani I agree with you

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Daniela Sewards Sam you are missing out

Elizabeth This book ends with all the characters still in their conflict.

Alexisfun That was then, This is now= AMAZING!!!!!!

(This is a note for Sam)

Alexisfun Who here has finished the book???

Alexisfun I agree with Elizabeth. In the end the characters all have their conflicts but they have either gotten better or worse. Like M&M has recovered and become normal again but he isn't his cheerful and nice self. Bryon misses mark and Cathy misses M&M's old self. So Elizabeth is right the conflicts do stay.

Elizabeth Characters in conflict at the end of the book:
- Bryon is wondering what will happen to his life and misses childhood naivety
- Mark is being held in prison, has lost his best friend, and has gained a cold hatred for the world and his life
- Angela has gotten married but regrets it, and she is being swallowed in stress. She wants to get back together with Bryon somehow, but now, after fighting with his friend, Bryon doesn't want to do anything with anyone
- M&M has recovered from the hospital but something about him has changed and his happy, smart, fun personality is gone, replaced with a neutral, nostalgic person
- Cathy has just unofficially broken up with Bryon, and is probably wishing to get back with him. However, she has started dating Ponyboy Curtis, and although she wanted to help Bryon through his loss, he was making it hard for her to do that
- Bryon's mom has just seen her son's best friend get caught by the police, and she's most likely extremely hurt
- Charlie is dead. Nothing more to say about that

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Daniela Sewards Woah Liz

Elizabeth ;)))))))

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Daniela Sewards I think that all of the characters have an internal conflict and that there is one big external conflict that is connected to all of the characters

Elizabeth Yes - the difference between internal and external conflicts is that internal conflicts are private, and external conflicts are shared among the characters

Alexisfun I think the main external conflict that is connected to everyone is that want everything back to how it used to be. When Bryon and Mark were great friends, when M&M is cheerful and happy. Which leads me to saying why the book is called That was THEN and this is NOW.

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Daniela Sewards Yes i think that as they grow older, they grow apart.

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