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Courtney L what is an internal conflict in the book?

Hannah fights with herself inside (Internal conflict), and makes herself think she shouldn't do stuff with friends or hang out with people, but does them anyway, hoping for the best and improbable outcome of events and friendships. Most of the time in the novel, she feels depressed but then does things that will make

Sydney Byck The main problem is that she committed suicide and she left behind 7 tapes numbered back and front 1-13 with her 13 reasons for committing suicide. The conflict with this is that all these tapes she left behind are changing each and every one of those person’s life. The moment they (the people who were left the tapes) hear those recordings with the voice of a girl who is dead already their life changes forever.

Courtney L These people should not need to go through this. Hannah was most to hard on them. I think that one big thing went wrong so she blamed it on everyone else. Yes, some of these reasons are good reasons but for the most part they are not. Another conflict is that we do not know what was going on in Hannah´s life.

Sydney Byck I agree that the people shouldn't have to go through this. Mostly because some of the reasons shouldn't of made her upset, like when she was put on the "hot" side of the list. For most people, this would be a good thing and would only be upset if they were on the uglier side.

Faizan Hannah never learn anything from her experience. She suffered and then killed herself. But like why leaving the tapes ?
So everyone know who and who is a reason of Hannah's death.
A dead person is blaming you for her death. Isn't it also a form of redemption.
She did not changed. She remain rude. She choose the way of Alaska (LookingForAlaska) . Fast and straight. But the difference is that Alaska forgave (what it seem), on the other hand, Hannah baked all the reasons.

Sydney Byck I didn't read the book but I completely understand what you are saying and agree with you

Courtney L I did not read the book looking for Alaska but I do agree with everything you have said. Hannah had no reason to leave the tapes for her students. So this is a n external conflict because it is man vs society

Jojo I thought that everyone, maybe except the other main character, totally deserved to receive a tape. One of them raped someone. Another watched girls. They were bad people and without the tapes, nobody would have told them they were bad people, that what they were doing was severely wrong. Every one of those people deserved it and Hannah wasn't whiny, she was depressed, and her situation is too realistic for anyone to blame her because real people are going through this.

Sydney Byck I see your point but she shouldn't of killed herself for these reason cause it wasn't something bad happening to her like the hot or not list she was on the hot side so it wasn't a good reason for her to take her life.

Courtney L I don't agree with you, yes some of the people deserve to hear why she died. On the other hand it wasn't some peoples fault. For example, for Clay i think Hannah was just trying to blame more people for her death. Clay didn't do anything which I find unfair. This is unfair because Clay had to go through all the tapes to find out that she was mad at Clay although he did nothing.

This book doesn't have a set climax but I think that it is when Clay finds out that Tony knew that Hannah was making tapes but didn't stop her. Tony didn't know that Hannah was making them to blame people on why she killed herself. Clay got very mad at Tony because Hannah was Clay's high crush

Kimberly Erne I believe the purpose of the book all together though was that it's teaching us that we should watch what decisions we make because they will hurt people. I truthfully would not have listened to the tapes if I had as big of feelings for her like Clay did, but he was curious. I can see why she honestly killed herself because she was depressed. When you're depressed that's usually all you want to do is end your misery.

Courtney L I agree about the purpose of the book. Also I won't have listened to the tapes either if I was in the situation. But not all depressed people kill themselves. I think Hannah should have told someone she was depressed and unhappy with her life. This all ended badly because of her actions

Sydney Byck I think suicide is selfish, some people would do anything to have one more day living or with someone who passed and Hannah just threw her life away, not thinking about the impact it could have on other people. But suicide isn't something people really have the right to say is selfish or not selfish, because it is someones choice. Also, Hannah solves her own depression by doing this, but made everyone else feel bad or depressed knowing they had a reason she killed herself or didn't like her life.

Kimberly Erne Courtney wrote: "I agree about the purpose of the book. Also I won't have listened to the tapes either if I was in the situation. But not all depressed people kill themselves. I think Hannah should have told someon..."

Yes not all depressed people kill themselves, but a majority of them do sadly. I know quite a few people who came really close to,but thank God they told me and I helped them.

Courtney L What do you think the climax of the book is?

Sydney Byck I think the climax of the book is when Clay finds out why he is on the tape because the conflict starts when he is freaking out about why he is on them and now he realizes it wasn't a bad reasons and stops freaking out

Courtney L I agree with that also their are many sub claims for example the climax of one of the tapes was when Courtney Crimson told her mom"She is just my ride"

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