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message 1: by Devon (new)

Devon Gottsch | 2 comments Everyone roots for the underdog. They are lovable, positive, and full of spirit. Josh Sundquist describes his life as an underdog in We Should Hang Out Sometime. As a meek, young teen he was never engulfed in the typical “teenage high school experience.” One day, he realized something that opened his eyes and made him think about his entire life. Sundquist realized he had never had a girlfriend in his entire twenty six years of existence. His autobiography takes its readers on a hilarious, uplifting journey through time where Sundquist expands on all the smiles, tears, and laughter that made him the person he is today.
Sundquist’s life could be a very successful movie if it was one. He has overcome many, many obstacles in his life. He was diagnosed with cancer when he was young. Even though he survived the hard battle, the cancer resulted in an amputated leg. He might have lost a limb, but his spirit was not dampened. Sundquist writes how he was able to face every day as a new opportunity to grow as a person. Every day brought something new, and he loved it.
Sundquist is a very talented writer. In order to read an autobiography cover to cover, the content has to be captivating and engaging. Sundquist was able to do this. His book was an easy and fun read, and he was able to entice me with every scenario that he wrote about in an effective way. Even if something negative happened to him, he found a way to add light and humor to any situation. I couldn’t put the book down because I wanted to know what silly, misfortunate event he was going to get himself into next.
Josh Sundquist has had many curve balls thrown his way throughout life. One time, he went on a putt-putt date with a girl (he didn’t mention her name in order to protect her sanity). The whole night, the girl was secretly smirking and acting a little odd towards him. He figured something was caught in his teeth or his hair was out of place. When they parted ways at the end of the night, Sundquist realized that his prosthetic leg had been on backwards the entire time.
I wasn’t even surprised when I read this because I expected nothing less. Sundquist’s life is one that brought me much joy. We Should Hang Out Sometime in a nonfiction book that is full of laughter and heartfelt moments that balance out the somber ones. I would give this autobiography a very right recommendation because anyone could read this and take away at least one important life lesson. He stresses that life is short, so take each and every single opportunity it offers.

message 2: by Mrs. Raabe (new)

Mrs. Raabe (molly_raabe) | 12 comments I have wanted to read this book and have been putting it off. Your example of his "putt-putt" date have convinced me to check this out over Christmas break. Thank you!

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