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The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers: Spiritual Insights from the World's Most Beloved Neighbor
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Kateri | 1 comments Mister Fred Rogers’ legacy will live on for decades. The biography The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers: Spiritual Insights from the World’s Most Beloved Neighbor, by Amy Hollingsworth, highlights the life and spirituality of a childhood hero. Mister Rogers’ faith was the foundation of his life, and Hollingsworth shares some of his key philosophies in this biography. This book is part autobiography; Hollingsworth shares plenty about her friendship with Mister Rogers and his legacy in her life.
Hollingsworth used several excerpts from letters that she and Mister Rogers exchanged. They corresponded for nearly 8 years, and they discussed everything with each other. “I always pray that whatever we produce (whatever we say and do) some word is heard that might ultimately be God’s word. That’s my main concern. . .” is a quote from one of Mister Rogers’ letters. Mister Rogers was always unashamedly himself, and that is reflected in the book as well. “But I’ve always been myself. I never took a course in acting. I just figured that the best gift you could offer anybody is your honest self, and that’s what I’ve done for lots of years. And thanks for accepting me exactly as I am.”
This biography has a lot of strengths. Hollingsworth has incredible ethos because of her close relationship with Mister Rogers. The quotes that she used help the book’s flow, and the biography has a pleasant and intimate feel. It feels cozy–just like the sweaters Mister Rogers wears.
I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone who watched Mister Rogers as a child (or who still watches reruns). His simple take on life is an inspiration, and Hollingsworth reminds us all how to be our best selves. As Mister Rogers said, “You’ve made this day a special day by just your being you.” Why not channel your inner Mister Rogers and be the best self you can be?

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Mrs. Raabe (molly_raabe) | 12 comments I really enjoyed your review. I had no idea that Mister Rogers had such a strong connection to faith and spirituality. I understood your description of the book as "cozy" and relating it to his sweaters... I knew exactly what you were trying to say! I am looking forward to reading this book. Thank you!

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