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Ok made it :)

message 2: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 24859 comments Sweet, thanks :)

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So, what sort of plots do you like to do?

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•EM• | 24859 comments Generally with most of my rps we come up with an idea and the plot just rolls along but I do also like to come up with plots now. Although I don't have any ideas just yet

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Ok can we do MxF and do you want to be the girl or guy?

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•EM• | 24859 comments Oh yeah I prefer to only do MxF. Honestly I don't mind, do you have a preference?

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

No not really. But I'll take girl then :)
Romance I guess?

message 8: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 24859 comments Sure, I will be boy :)
Yeah of course, do you do like fantasy things or real life or...?

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Either, but I normally don't do paranormal stuff

message 10: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 24859 comments Yeah I don't do that either! Good thing hahaha

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Phew! :)
Ok so do you want to just start with a guy and girl meeting. Do you want to do it with royalty? Or just teens in high school?

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•EM• | 24859 comments Hmm I think royalty could be cool? Did you wanna do that or just teens in high school?

message 13: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 24859 comments Would it be semi modern royalty or?

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I was thinking of fantasy kingdoms but we could do modern. What do you want to do?

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•EM• | 24859 comments Oh I like the idea of fantasy kingdoms. We can do that yeah! :)

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I have this idea...let me find it...ah, got it!

When Kingdoms A and B are at war, the princess from Kingdom A must be protected from the enemy. She is kept in an isolated cottage in the woods on her side of the border. The prince from Kingdom B must also be kept safe, so he is sent to a small house in the woods. The woods are never entered by the enemy. One day, tired of being cooped up, the princess and the prince sneak out of their houses. After a while, they meet. They don't reveal their true identities and they talk a bit. After several more meetings, they fall in love. But when they reveal their true identities to each other, will the relationship hold? And how will their families feel about it?

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•EM• | 24859 comments Oh yeah, interesting, I kind if had another to like that but it didn't go very far... We could try?

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Sure. Characters? I normally do short ones if you don't mind.

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•EM• | 24859 comments Yeah I do too... I'm at work at the moment though

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Name: Erin Mason
Age: 19
Appearance: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/o...
Kingdom: Pacific (her people are good fishers)

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•EM• | 24859 comments Nice I'll try to make mine soon. I'm at lunch now

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•EM• | 24859 comments Name; Tyler Slade
Age; 20
Appearance; https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/im...
Kingdom: (not sure what you mean?)

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You can give your kingdom a name and have a certain characteristic

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•EM• | 24859 comments I'll need to think about it then hahah sorry

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No problem! It could be that the people live underground, or on a rocky mountain, or they could be good hunters. Mine could be good fishers. Just some ideas.

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•EM• | 24859 comments Ooo I like the idea of a good hunters! Yeah we'll go with that hahah :)

Want to start?

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Ok then. I'll start

message 28: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 24859 comments Cool :) thanks

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Erin sat glumly at her window seat. She was stuck in this small cottage in the middle of the woods. There was no one to talk to except the old woman that stayed with her and took care of the house. The guards protecting her were not interested in having any sort of conversation.

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•EM• | 24859 comments Tyler often found himself somehow training outside with some of his guards, it wasn't often that he was put there along. And it wasn't often that he was out there at all.

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Erin couldn't take being stuck inside the house anymore. She went outside and noticed that some of the guards were leaving to take their break. Seeing her chance, she ran out into the forest when they weren't looking.

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•EM• | 24859 comments Tyler was taking a break, he sat on a log by the cabin drinking some water. Looking around and watching the guards, sighing as they stayed where they were

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Erin kept on running until her legs gave way and she sank down onto the ground next to a pond. Suddenly she realised she was free at last - at least for an hour until her absence was discovered by one of the guards. She picked up a pebble and skipped it along the water, grinning widely.

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•EM• | 24859 comments After a long while of resting, Tyler began to go back to training, fighting with one of his guards as his training, they never went easy on each other, sometimes he would leave a training session with cuts and bruises, other times with nothing but sweat. Tyler let his guards know he was going to take a shower, he headed inside and into the bathroom, closing and locking the door of the cabin bathroom. Turning the water on, he made sure it was on for long enough before someone fitting through the bathroom window and outside. Using the notice from the water running as a distraction to run away, he headed towards the pond, sighing with reliefs when he found it.

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Erin felt her pocket for her lucky fishing string. It had broken years ago, but she still kept it because it reminded her of all those times she had gone fishing with her family. Now her parents were too busy running the kingdom...and of course fighting the war.

((what is your kingdom name?))

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•EM• | 24859 comments ((Umm trying to think... Something that represents them being hunters and kind of warriors))

Tyler looked back over his shoulder, making sure he absolutely wasn't followed, once he was satisfied that he wasn't he sunk down to the side of the pond. Kicking his shoes and socks off, looking into the distance.

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Erin was still watching her pebble skip alone the surface of the water. 'Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, no!' she muttered to herself as the pebble sunk into the pond after its sixteenth skip. She was always trying to beat her personal record of eighteen skips, and her father's record of twenty-six. As her eyes tracked the pebble across the pond, she noticed some movement on the other bank. She froze, thinking for a moment that it was an assassin after her life.

((Maybe Amazon or something? Thinking of the female warrior tribe))

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•EM• | 24859 comments ((Oh yeah, that would be cool. I like Amazon.))

Tyler let his feet sink into the water below, he was watching the water as some fish swam around. As he heard a plot from the pebble go into the water he looked over the pond and into the short distance. His eyes narrowed, who was that? Why were they there?"

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Erin could see a boy or a man. She couldn't really tell his his exact age from across the pond. She hesitated, unsure whether to run, to remain there, or to say something. She just sat there on the bank, watching the pond water ripple near her.

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•EM• | 24859 comments Tyler slowly moved away from the water and the pond, lifting his feet out from the water before slowly walking around the pond. "Who are you?" He asked when he stood half way.

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'I'm...Leah.' she said, hesitating as she made up a name. 'And you are?' she asked. She couldn't help noticing how handsome he was, and familiar. She wondered if she had seen him somewhere before.

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•EM• | 24859 comments He stepped away again, looking at her from afar. "I'm klaxon." He said, his eyes still narrowed as he looked at her. Why did she seem so familiar

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'Hi,' she said softly. She felt scared under his hard stare but she stood up calmly. 'Why are you in the forest? No one ever comes here,' she said.

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•EM• | 24859 comments "I could ask you the same thing." He said, he wasn't going to be giving her anymore answers until he got some. "Why are you here?"

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'I asked first,' she said with a playful tone. It didn't really matter to her what he said or didn't say. Her guards would look into it and maybe arrest him for trespassing on private property. For as far as she knew, the forest up to the pond was Pacific's land.

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•EM• | 24859 comments "I'm not letting you know anything until I hear first." He said, looking at her again wondering exactly what she was doing there. Tyler stepped forward, he raised his shoulders a little, his body seeming bigger

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She was about to start asserting her authority as princess of Pacific, but it occurred to her that he might not be a Pacific, and therefore not bound to her laws. She frowned but did not cower at him.

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•EM• | 24859 comments He assessed her as he walked forward and closer, who was she. "Are you going to speak?" He asked harshly, looking at her again with another sigh.

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'You're entering Pacific land, you know. Since you came from the other side of the forest, I'm guessing you're from Amazon.' She wasn't spoilt, but she wasn't used to this kind of behaviour towards her either.

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•EM• | 24859 comments "No stupid line is going to stop me from stepping into someone's land." He said as he took another step. "And I'm certain your from pacific, not doubt." He said to her "just look at you."

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