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Favorite male character

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message 1: by Paola (new)

Paola Juarez (paola_juarez) | 74 comments My favorite male character is Thomas from the maze runner

message 2: by Maddison (new)

Maddison B | 50 comments Tobias divergent

message 3: by Kato (new)

Kato (stolenbybooks) (stolenbybooks) Probably Kenji from the Shatter Me series!!

message 4: by Alia (new)

Alia | 22 comments Dorian from Throne of Glass

message 5: by Tasha (new)

Tasha (tasha_herondale) My favorite male character would be Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices.

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura (laurajayne74) Newt from the Maze Runner

coeur de samurai (coeurdesamurai) | 71 comments Gansey from The Raven Cycle

message 8: by Nicolmaric (new)

Nicolmaric | 109 comments Thorne from lunar chronicles

message 9: by Ethan (new)

Ethan (ethansummy) Noah Shaw, The Mara Dyer trilogy and soon to be The Shaw Confessions!!

message 10: by C Jia Ming (new)

C Jia Ming (cjiaming) | 26 comments There's so many! This is a harder decision that deciding what to eat for dinner.. Dorian (ToG), Zen and Kaelen (Unforgotten) and Austin (Timesurfers)

message 11: by Eleni (new)

Eleni Liakou (eleniliakou) | 25 comments Rowan Whitethorn, the Herondale boys, Noah Shaw, Percy Jackson, Warner... They're so many!!!

message 12: by Ethan (new)

Ethan | 9 comments adrian from Vampire Academy and Bloodlines

message 13: by Reem (new)

Reem (rmoustafa) | 114 comments Fred and George Weasly from HARRY POTTER
Tobias from DIVERGENT
Will Herondale from THE INFERNAL DEVICES
Jem Carstairs also from THE INFERNAL DEVICES

message 14: by Christina (new)

Christina Kakarouba (akingdomofbooks) | 71 comments Chaol and Dorian from Throne of glass

message 15: by Aurora (new)

Aurora (afictionworld) | 11 comments Four from Divergent
Daemon Black from Obsidian
& Alec Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments!!

message 16: by Reah (new)

Reah (xrns) | 2 comments Rowan Whitethorn from Throne of Glass <3

message 17: by Aleshia (new)

Aleshia (madscibrarian) Tough choice, but I am going to have to go with Captain Carswell Throne from The Lunar Chronicles.

Dorian from Throne of Glass and Simon from The Mortal Instruments are pretty close though. :)

message 18: by Desiree (new)

Desiree Anderson | 17 comments Four and Jace <3 <3

message 19: by Summer (new)

Summer | 45 comments Nico di Angelo, Anubis, Fred and George Weasely, Will Herondale, Newt, James Carstairs, Magnus Bane, Elias Veturius, Jace Wayland, Percy Jackson, Luke Castellan, actually all the PJO and HoO guys. Cedric Diggory. Adrian Ivashkov, Christian Ozera.

Yes, guys, I have a big list

message 20: by Farah (new)

Farah (farahhany98) | 45 comments Tobias(Four) Eaton from the Divergent series is top on my list then comes the super hot Patch Cipriano from the Hush Hush series and then the sassy one Minho from The Maze Runner

message 21: by Farah (new)

Farah (farahhany98) | 45 comments Tobias(Four) Eaton from the Divergent series is top on my list then comes the super hot Patch Cipriano from the Hush Hush series and then the sassy one Minho from The Maze Runner

message 22: by Tanja (new)

Tanja van Kommer (bookg33kgirl) | 80 comments Tamlin, Lucien and Rheesesand from court of thorns and roses. Day from legend

message 23: by Summer (new)

Summer (Imaginati-Confirmed) | 44 comments OMG, don't get me started. To name "some": Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Jace and Will Herondale, Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane, Jem Carstairs, Nikolai Lantsov, Aaron Warner, Kenji Kishimoto, Daniel Altan Wing, Newt, Prince Cal and Prince Maven…

…and the list goes on.

message 24: by Catalina (new)

Catalina Nuñez (catcatcatalina4) | 23 comments Patch, Augustus, Jude (from black ice) , Tobias, Peeta

message 25: by Emily (last edited Dec 07, 2015 04:44PM) (new)

Emily  (dustsmokeandglitter) | 74 comments Simon from "TMI," Simon from "Homo Sapiens" and so many others!

message 26: by Hayley (new)

Hayley | 9 comments Definitely Percy Jackson

message 27: by Allison (new)

Allison | 57 comments My favorites are:
Dorian - Throne of Glass series
Will and Jem - The Infernal Devices
Levi - Fangirl
Christian - Once Upon a Marigold
Daemon - Lux
and a lot more!

message 28: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 69 comments Chaol from Throne of Glass series
Thomas, Newt, and Minho from The Maze Runner
Levi from Fangirl
Ron from Harry Potter
Peeta and Haymitch from Hunger Games
Those are my favorite from popular books. But I have so many more!!

message 29: by Durga (new)

Durga | 17 comments Daemon Black from the Lux series <3

message 30: by Durga (new)

Durga | 17 comments Daemon Black from the Lux series <3

message 31: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 18 comments Jace Wayland
Tobias Eaton
Conrad and Jeremiah
"Brooklyn Boy"

message 32: by Raki Oddbooks (new)

Raki Oddbooks Odd Thomas

message 33: by catreadsabunch (last edited Dec 07, 2015 09:18PM) (new)

catreadsabunch Last one that really stuck out, and made me say "He's Perfect," Lucien from Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. He works the whole southern charm thing and is actually genuine, unlike the southern guys of today. I know he is just a side character but i love him better than the main male lead. LOVE HIM.

message 34: by BookPusher D (new)

BookPusher D (bookpusherd) James Carstairs
Will Herondale
Simon Lewis
Magnus Bane
Nick Gautier (Both DH and CON)
Bubba (CON)
Caleb (Con)
ALL the Were-cubs in CON EXCEPT Stone and his wolf clan.. grrrr...
Ashallyn Darkmyr Tallyn
Robin Goodfellow (Iron Fey)
Weasley twins
Neville Longbottom
Severus Snape
Remus Lupin
Chase (Shadowfalls After Dark)
Raven (Earl and Fairy)

thats all I can think of for YA right now...hahaha Like everyone else there are sooo many!!

message 35: by Georgina (new)

Georgina Nish | 47 comments Derek Souza from The Darkest Powers trilogy because who doesn't love the adorable buff nerdy antisocial and protective werewolf.

message 36: by Anabell (new)

Anabell (readingislikebreathing) | 98 comments Oh I love that question!
Number three:
Actually many guys, always changes and depends on what I am reading and liking at the moment.
For now it is:

-Thorne, Wolf and Kai from Cress (haven't red Winter yet)
- All 4 Boys from Silver trilogy (especially Henry and Grayson)
- Chaol and Dorian from Crown of Midnight
- Cole from the White Rabbit Chronicles
and the Darkling from Shadow and Bone

Number two (ALWAYS): Aaron F*cking Warner, Shatter me Series

I love his twisted character.


Joana (bookloverforeverandalways) (joaninator) | 2 comments I have a long list of favorite male characters, here are a few of them:
Will Herondale, Jace Herondale, Warner, Roth, The Darkling, Raffe, Sam Cortland, Kaiden Rowe, Daemon Black and Adrian Ivashkov

message 38: by Elodie (last edited Dec 08, 2015 01:55PM) (new)

Elodie Rt | 2 comments Will Herondale (TID), Tamlin (ACOTAR), Dorian & Rowan (TOG), Grayson (Dream a Little Dream), Ignifex (Cruel Beauty), Gansey (The Raven Boys), The Fetch (The Queen of the Tearling), Newt (The Maze Runner), Ron Weasley, Maxon (The Selection)... Can't think of more right now... :)

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

My favorite male character is Percy Jackson from The Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

message 40: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa Kendrick Dimitri Belikov. He is literally a god. He's the main love interest in the Vampire Academy series. I am absolutely in love with this man. Half the time I'm jealous of Rose, the main character. Plus he's Russian, so that's hot.

message 41: by Sanna (new)

Sanna Kamran (ambrinsworld) | 15 comments Thorne (lunar chronicles)

message 42: by Sandra (last edited Dec 08, 2015 06:24PM) (new)

Sandra Sanchez (wanderlustchild09) | 6 comments My #1 forever and always will be: Noah Elliot Simon Shaw
Then: (without order)
-Etienne St. Claire
- Aaron Warner
- Kaidan Rowe
- The Darkling
- Caleb Drake
- William Herondale
- Willem De Ruiter

message 43: by Deb (new)

Deb (dlmetzler) | 0 comments Odd from Odd Thomas (Dean Koontz). He's such an honest and good soul!

message 44: by Mahra (new)

Mahra (passionist) | 92 comments Nick nicklby :) I had a crush on him and still do

message 45: by Daniela (new)

Daniela (daniela99) | 4 comments My favorite male character is Daniel ''Day'' Altan Wing from Marie Lu's - Legend series. He's a brat sometimes, badass etc but deep inside he's vulnerable and cares so much about people who means alot to him.

Other male characters I like is:
- Evan Walker from The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
- Prince Greening Grandemalion ''Po'' from Graceling triology by Kristin Cashore
- Will ''Will Treaty'' from Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flanagan
- Halt O'Carrick from Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flanagan

message 46: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Kim | 74 comments I have so many favorites, it's hard to choose! But some of them include Rowan Whitethorn, Aedion Ashryver (TOG), & Will Herondale (ID).

message 47: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha | 3 comments magnus
harry potter for updates on books

message 48: by Preety (new)

Preety Virdi | 21 comments Rowan in the Throne of Glass series and Roth in the dark elements series.

message 49: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 67 comments 1. Edward Cullen and Jacob black twilight series
2. jace wayland from mortal instruments
3. will harondale from infernal devices
4. lucas from dark guardian series
5. derek and lucas from shadow falls series
6. kale from the denizen series
7. Stefan and Damon Salvatore vampire diaries

message 50: by Svenja (new)

Svenja | 5 comments My top 3 are :
Aaron Warner
Jamie Fraser
Jase Garrett

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