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Characters: Jenna Daniels, Simon Daniels

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The Alliance Characters

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Name: Jenna Daniels (no middle name)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Powers: Forcefields and telepathy
Power origins: Genetic modifications
Back story: Jenna was "created" as part of an experiment by a secret group who wanted to build a group of superheroes totally devoted to the group's doctrines. She doesn't remember having any family besides her brother; all she can recall is growing up in the group's compound high in the mountains. Her powers developed when she was 5, and she was pushed into training immediately. She and her brother always longed to escape and see the world outside, and finally, when she was 12 and her brother was 14, they managed to get out. For four years, they stayed on the run, until Tucker showed up and recruited them.
Appearance: Jenna has dark blond hair with lighter highlights. It's cut to just past chin length and seems perpetually tousled and messy. Her eyes are blue-green and inspect everything she sees as if assessing a potential threat. She's average height, but very athletic-looking. She has a burn scar on her neck and the right side of her shoulder from an incident during training with a fire-wielder.
Usual outfit: Dark green sweatshirt jacket over a lighter green or blue t-shirt and dark blue jeans. Tennis shoes sturdy enough to hike in.
Superhero name: (Undecided; any suggestions?)
Personality: Jenna is tough. She's used to trusting no one, being on the run, and expecting betrayal at every turn. The only one she'll let close is her brother, Simon. If someone else tries, she'll push them off with barbed words. However, if you can get past her hard shell, she longs to trust, and once she finally allows someone in, she'll latch onto them and never let go.

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Name: Simon Daniels (no middle name)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Powers: Lightning/electricity control, wind control, and limited regeneration (healing)
Power origins: Genetic modification
Back story: See Jenna's form.
Appearance: Simon has the same tousled blond hair as his sister, though his is trimmed to just around his ears. His eyes are a shade or two darker, and he's slightly taller than average.
Usual outfit: Dark blue jeans or greenish-tan cargo pants, a black t-shirt, and hiking boots, plus a denim jacket if it's cooler out.
Superhero name: Storm
Personality: Simon is more open than his sister but is still slow to fully trust. Used to being on his own and taking care of both himself and his sister, he's very independent and struggles to accept new authority. He's also quick-thinking and protective of those under him.

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