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Meant to Be > Monday: ch 1-4 (beginning- pg. 44)

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Bogdana (bogdana_m) | 295 comments Mod

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Bogdana (bogdana_m) | 295 comments Mod
So I am going into this book knowing nothing about it and I am so grateful for that. I am currently working 13-14 hour days and I am exhausted when I get home, but I feel like this book might be just what I need. I found myself laughing out loud last night when reading. So I am only 4 chapters in and I can totally relate to Julia. (you guys should have seen my tourist guide and spreadsheets I prepared before going to London last year). It is too soon to tell who I am going to like in the end, especially since Jason right now is pretty insufferable, however, I have a feeling that this Mark character is not the prince charming Julia thinks he is. I am trying not to judge characters too harshly yet because this book has a rom-com vibe to it and those have the tendency of turning the bad boy into a charmer (She's All That or on a more serious note, A Walk to Remember...-- anyone get the same vibes?).

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Eve (Functioning Insanity Reviews) (evilous) | 480 comments Mod
Haha I can feel the rom-com vibe as well. I know what you mean about relating to her and her need to just relax and jazz. Though I'm more upfront and I would have crashed his ideas of going out, oh I won't lose my buddy I'll just tell the teach you are leaving oh and never come in my room again especially not after making everyone think we did it on the plane after you're the reason I had gum in my hair anyways. Yep I'm a bit more upfront and you don't force me to do anything kind of girl. Also I'd be reporting the girl at the front desk for giving some strange guy the key to my room, WTF what if he was a rapist????? I don't think Mark is everything she remembers and thinks but I'm not sold on Jason yet either. He'll need some serious improvements to win me over.

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