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Meant to Be > Friday: ch 16-18 (pg. 164-205)

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I'm so over Jason. What a jerk. Okay I bet there will be some stupid BS explination for his actions but nothing is acceptable. He's an arse plane and simple the end.

First the kiss never would have happened. She freaked about geese and he swore there were none then he leads her into them, clearly she is freaked out and he LAUGHS!!!! WTF no I was hoping he'd get struck by lightening, serve him right. Agh. Also I maybe should point out I'm deathly afraid of chickens/geese and other feathered demon birds because of an attack from childhood and as an adult so yeah I'm like dead panic would strangle someone to get away and to think that someone would react like him, nope. And when you're afraid and asking to call for help and he declines???? Leaves you in a field forced to follow? No!

Now I don't think Mark is all that. She has some childhood memories sure but that's it I don't think he's MTB but yeah. Also not sure what this Chris guy is but okay. I don't know at this point.

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