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Meant to Be > Saturday: ch 19-22 (pg. 206-253)

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Just as predicted Mark isn't MTB just childhood memories running free spinning fantasies. I expected them to be different and even after his comment I still didn't expect just that level of douche. Like wow. So even if she did sleep with someone else you act like it entitles you to be next. Wtf.

I think the blonde with hooker lips might be a half sister or something. Like while in town he wanted to see how his mom was doing or some excuse but yeah still don't care. He just ditched her. Wtf after he stopped her from trying to find that place her parents went to.

Also I think he's Chris. I think he has been texting her and it's some stupid ploy or something maybe why he didn't want her to use his phone like she's see the messages or the number or something.

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