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Carry On (Simon Snow, #1)
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PB (darlingdarcy) | 168 comments Mod
She's not a very significant character in the book, but sometimes Rowell made it sound like it.

What did you think of her?

I have this favorite scene in the book, and I thought it was such a compelling scene. It's when Agatha broke up with Simon but Simon didn't want to accept it, insisting that Agatha is his future.

Agatha: You just want a happy ending."
Simon: Don't you?
Agatha: No! I don't! I want to be someone's right now, Simon, not their happily ever after. I don't want to be the prize at the end. The thing you get if you beat all the bosses.

Matthew (funkygman007) | 14 comments I kind of got the feeling that Rowell was indicating that Agatha was significant in earlier novels, but since she was a love interest in a possible triangle that is now a straight line (between Simon and Baz) she is no longer all that important. And, since she really doesn't want anything to do with any of it, it is easy for her to run away once she realizes the only thing keeping her there - the possibility of a relationship with Simon or Baz - is gone.

message 3: by PB (new) - rated it 4 stars

PB (darlingdarcy) | 168 comments Mod
Hmmm, i never thought of it that way.... that she might not have left if there was a possibility of Baz liking her back.

I think that eventually she would have run away anyway, because I get the feeling she is just that kind of person. She doesn't want to make a difference. If it doesn't make any difference to her, she doesn't want to help save the world. And I think that's what made her finally break up with Simon, when she admitted to herself that she doesn't want that kind of responsibility... even just as a sort of supporting role.

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