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Jennifer Watts | 2 comments Hello, I wanted to share my book, On His Turf (Jennifer Watts) as I'd love to get feedback from this group on just how alpha my main character is. I've had some feedback that he might be a little much ;). I am new to the group so I hope it's okay to share this! Lots of reviews on Goodreads for context.

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Karen | 17 comments Interesting. I just read a review and the word "caveman" was referenced which had me automatically downloading a sample. Thanks for the reco!

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A Klue (fromthesouth) | 75 comments Read one review that claims heroine sometimes works topless in a bar. That doesn't work for me.

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Becky (ginger68) | 101 comments I added thus to my tbr list!

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A Klue (fromthesouth) | 75 comments Pixie wrote: "A wrote: "Read one review that claims heroine sometimes works topless in a bar. That doesn't work for me."

Wait what topless?! That's er interesting"

According to 100Sweet's GR's review she's a fill-in for other topless waitresses/dancers..keeps it a secret from hero. Until he and his teammates walk in and see her. Just go to the GR book description and it's one of the first reviews posted.

Jennifer Watts | 2 comments With respect to the topless bar. I can assure that it makes up a very small portion of the plot but completely understand that it may not work for some. To those who have read it thank you - whether you love it or hate it your support of an indie author is greatly appreciated.

Maureen (mleeper5) | 10 comments Honestly the whole topless thing didn't bother me at all when I read it. Yes it makes you cringe and think girl, what are you doing!? Change your ways... But honestly with the whole back story, it made sense and it was very minimal. She was a big girl just trying to get by.

Varied Books (variedbooks) | 20 comments Topless doesn't bother me. I can't stand bitchy sarcastic in your face h's. Does that description fit the h?

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