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message 1: by Mel (new)

Mel Barnes | 7 comments Elvis and the Underdogs is book one in the Elvis and the Underdogs series.
ISBN 9780062235541 for Hardcover
ISBN 9780062235558 for Paperback
ISBN 0062235540 Kindle version

Elvis and the Underdogs : Secrets, Secret Service, and Room Service is book two in the Elvis and the Underdogs series.
All the editions for book one are:
ISBN 9780062235565 Hardcover
ISBN 9780062235572 Paperback
ISBN 0062235567 Kindle Version

When looking at Elvis and the Underdogs there are 2 different covers, the light blue cover is the first book and the darker blue cover is the second book. Somehow when it was originally added, they were put in as the same book, different editions.


message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 20228 comments Separated the editions of book 2 that were combined with book 1.
Added book 2 to the series:

message 3: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 20228 comments Merged a duplicate hardcover edition of book 2 (invalid isbn).
All other editions have valid isbn's/ASIN's:
book 1:
book 2:

message 4: by Lilliput Press (last edited Dec 07, 2015 04:43AM) (new)

Lilliput Press (lilliputpress) | 1 comments Hi there,
New to Goodreads ... can someone tell me how to get duplicate entries merged? These two should be combined into one ...

message 5: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 20228 comments #4 Combined paperback and Kindle editions.
Reverted all changes made to one paperback edition. Please DO NOT update/edit/change covers or other valid book data on existing editions, even if they are now out of print.

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