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❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) The Twin Rivers flow from the mountains and down the plateaus to the huge lake that takes up the south and west of the Kingdom.

message 2: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments Mercury trotted to the lake shore. She glanced at the stones under her paws. She shook out her red pelt and yawned. Her eyes and facial expression looked bored. She sat down and listened to the noises around her. Her ears flickered to birds fighting.

message 3: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash's eyes looked up at the sound in his territory. The wolf's lips lifted up slightly baring his stained teeth. Not a sound came out of his mouth but he did sneak slowly up to the female. It had been a while since he had the taste of another wolf. Nash's eyes glazed over with a excited glint.

message 4: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments She glanced around. Content from the break of annoying wolves who never left her alone. "Finally." She breathed quietly. She licked off her pelt slowly, having all the time she could think of.

message 5: by Unamo (new)

Unamo The rogue wolf continued to crawl through the tall weeds towards the fae. Her back was to him making it a perfect set up. Once lined up correctly Nash got his muscles ready to run.

message 6: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments She felt being watched. The female growled lightly and glanced around. Her fur bristled as her ears pinned to the back of her head. She didn't move though, she did square her shoulders.

message 7: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Ah so she could sense him...she was on her toes and ready. However, Nash was a large wolf and she was average size. The brute took off running at her. It was remarkable how his paws seemed to miss ever twig or patch of dry leaves. Nash pounced once he reached the rocky area of the shore. He soared threw the air landing right behind the fae with a thud. With a little hop he stood above her, forcing her down with his gigantic paw on the back of her neck "Got you."

message 8: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments Her eyes widened. Her head had hit the rocks and she couldn't see straight. She tried to bite at his leg but not being able to see straight she snapped at the air. She growled and wriggled around under him. "Let me go!" She snarled.

message 9: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash chuckled darkly as she wiggled around underneath him. "Now that really anyway a fae should act." He bent down and sniffed her pelt. Something about her was off but he couldn't put his paw on it. Nash pushed a little harder on her head letting his claws bury deep into her pelt until they poked at the skin underneath.

message 10: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments She snarled managing to twist her head around. She growled again. "I am not your 'darling'." She tried to bite at his leg but she was held down to good. She tried to push him off by standing but than she noticed how big he was. Oh, when I get up I swear I'm going to rip him up she thought and her eyes widened again. She flinched feeling his claws on her skin.

message 11: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash kind of like gis new choice of prey. She was fiesty about him attacking her. "Aw I'm hurt. What you prefer? Cupcake? Sweetie? Honey? I like those. They all sound delicious." The large brute quickly swiped a claw across her skin making a dark red liquid ooze out. Nash bent down and licked the new wound. A growl of satisfaction rolled from his chest. He bent down to whisper in her ear. "You are delicious, sugar." Nash picked his head up and said out loud. "Sugar. Yeah, I like that the most."

message 12: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments "Just tell me what you want." She snarled. She shivered feeling him on top of her. "But, not pups." She blurted, she looked frazzled. She threw her head back to howl. Hopping the bowl would get another wolf to come and give her a hand. She took a deep breathe about to let out her howl.

message 13: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash eyes looked down at her when she said something about pups. He wasn't that kind of criminal. The brute stayed quiet examining her. Suddenly he felt her take in a deep breath underneath him. Quickly he moved his paw from her neck to her muzzle. "Now sugar...that's not going to work. You see, you invaded my area. Your tribe has no business snooping into my area to save something that's now mine." Nash winked at her then picked his paw up from her muzzle. He placed the paw back onto her neck and noticed it was sticky with blood. Nash's eyes filled with excitement as he bent down and groomed it off her pelt for his own benefit. "What if what I want is you?"

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Lovely | 245 comments "If I was going to stay without trouble. You'd have to stop eating out my blood." She manged to flip her body around to face him. She growled pushing her paws onto his chest. Waiting for him to say something. If it was, 'No. I enjoy blood' she would kick him right off and tackle him.... The best she could. Her ears went to her head as she got a good look at his face.

message 15: by Unamo (new)

Unamo The brute stared down the fae his eyes staring at hers. "Well since you turned around I can't taste your blood. Besides it's just a little cut. Not like you're going to bleed out. You are so dramatic, sugar." Nash licked his canines swiping a little bit of red that had yet to be savored. The brute knew he was vulnerable by standing over the fae but he didn't care. Nash was covered in scars and wounds that seemed infected. He had been close to death so many times that he no longer feared it.

message 16: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments "And I wasn't sent here by the pack." Mercury rolled her eyes, "Those wolves get so annoying...." She trailed off. Did I just give away I'm a mix?! she struggled under him, wanting to stand. She growled, he was to well built to move anywhere. Her tail lashed up dust around them, she held back a growl of discomfort. It was obvious she was uncomftable about being under him for so long. She broke his gaze from here by looking at her paws on his chest.

message 17: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash nipped her paws playfully but did something that didn't really fit his character in any way. The brute got off of her and allowed her to stand. "Those wolves..." He inquired then figured it out. "You're a little mutt." That was why her smell was off because only part of her was a wolf. "Oh sugar that is priceless." Nash wasn't a fan of any breed of canine, even his own but for some reason he wasn't hostile. Normally he was but the fae kind of reminded him of someone he missed. Nash did have a life once and a family but it was all gone now.

message 18: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments She staggered to her feet and licked off her back. A little blood remained her by shoulder blades where she couldn't reach. "How is it so 'priceless'? And sugar is better than mutt." She said and held her head up high. She watched him carefully, expecting him to jump her and start licking out her blood. She looked at her paws, she focused on the spot he nipped like he poisoned her. "And it's not the funny at all! I hate coyotes... And wolves. Wolves around here act all regal like they own every thing." She growled softly. Her bright green eyes were on his laws now. He's giant! she thought and felt her face heating up. What!? Why is my face like this?! Stop! she had a distracted look on her face.

message 19: by Unamo (new)

Unamo "Because you act all tough and you aren't even of one blood. Part of you if just a little scavenger that takes others scraps." Nash argued with her then listened to her other statement. So she hated her whole being? "Regal...huh? Your pack is one that is a monarchy. No wonder they act so mighty." He shook the dust from his pelt and watched the fae. She looked a little distracted all of a sudden. Nash stepped a little closer to her licking a spot of blood that she missed of her shoulder blade. Even the slightest morsel tasted amazing. "You alright there sugar?"

message 20: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments "Why did you change your mind and let me go? Or if I still tried to leave... Would you stop me? Why the change of.... Heart?" She said all of this quickly, her pelt rippled as he licked her off. She had a look of puzzlement on her face. The red wolf mix caught her breath and sat down. She gazed from her paws to his.

message 21: by Unamo (new)

Unamo The brute lifted his back leg and scratched behind his ear. "Well sugar....I don't really know. I think it is because I like your fiesty personality." Nash winked at her then got up moving to his den. He looked up at the aky noticing that it'd probably rain soon. "What your name sugar?" He asked in a dull mood. Truthfully he was disappointed in himself for not taking a little more blood from her.

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Lovely | 245 comments "M-Mercury." She stuttered at the wink. She was still sitting. "What's yours?" She demanded. She watched the male move to his den. How did I not- her thoughts got cut off as a giant bolt of lightning hit the ground a little ways off. It looked like she flew as she jumped to a bush behind her.

message 23: by Unamo (new)

Unamo "Come on sugar!" He yelled to her not even looking worried about the lightning. Nash climbed down into his decently spacious den. There was probably enough room for two of him. "My name is Nash." The brute layed down on a bed of sticks and leaves. There were bones here and there along with a decently fresh rabbit carcass. The rain pounded down outside causing a cold draft in the den.

message 24: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments Mercury sat outside. "I'm not coming in." She shook her head. Than after a few minuets she came in utterly soaked. Her fur clung to her tiny figure. She grumbled and shivered as he walked in to Nashes den. She shivered as she sat down. "Don't you dare laugh." She threatened, the water made her mood worse than before.

message 25: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash laughed anyway when she came in soaked. Her frame was even smaller than he thought. "Looks like being stubborn resulted in you looking like a human's little pup." The brute noticed the water come in the entry of his den. With a sigh the old brute grabbed a pile of leaved off to the side an placed them in front of the entrance. "Can't have my den flooding."

message 26: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments "It better not. I can't swim." She mumbled and pushed up against a wall for warmth. She shook herself off. "I hate water." She grumbled and glared at the entrance of the cave. Her wet fur prickled, making her look like a porpupine. Her head snapped to Nash. "You laughed." She smirked and and moved over to him. Mischeif shining in her eyes as she made her way over.

message 27: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash looked at her mischievous glint and gave her a look of confusion. "I did laugh and honestly I have no regrets." The brute wasn't sure what game she was playing at but he was okay with it. Nash was a stickler for games those his normally consisted of more blood, pain, and screaming.

message 28: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments "None?" She stopped, "At all?" She was hinting on when he was taking her blood at the begging. She backed up, she noticed how small the den was and even when she was against the wall they were close. The fur by her tail lifted for a moment. This wolf is so confusing. she shook her head at herself. Than she sat down and licked at a paw.

message 29: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash noticed her sudden change of demeanor. "No sugar. I don't." Her blood was probably the sweetest he had ever had. Something about it...maybe it was the fact that it lacked the taste of metal. The brute layed his head on his paws in a tierd way. Nash wasn't exactly youthful so he tierd easily. "Don't worry I'm not going to take anymore...for now. You have not showed aggression toward me so I will not attack you." Nash licked at his paws to clean them.

message 30: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments She laid down too, but kept an eye on Nash. She looked out of the den. "Doesn't look like it's going to stop soon." She said and sighed. "Do you know how to swim?" She asked, trying to keep conversation going. She hated awkward situations. And now.... When they were sharing a den and just met.

message 31: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash had his eyes closed and when Mercury spoke he opened one. "Yes sugar. I do. I can teach you one day if you'd like." The brute swayed his tail then closed his eye again. "You know , sugar. You can stay with me as long as you like." The brute snickered softly knowing that Mercury would probably deny him.

message 32: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments She shrugged, "Your better than the wolves at camp." She rested her head on her paws. She blinked her eyes tiredly. "I'm going to let you rest...." She murmurs as she fell to sleep. Her head was the rested on her paws and her face looked calm. Her ears were still pricked just in case.

message 33: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash's eyes darted open when she said he was better. Had the brute gone soft? He glared at the now sleeping fae but shook it off. There was no way he was getting soft. Nash growled quietly not wanting to wake Mercury. Why do I care if I wake her or not!? Nash grumbled and closed his eyes again. The brute would deal with this after he slept. Nash's thoughts went to his old mate who had a brown colored belt that glinted red in the sun. They were about to have a pup then an enemy pack attacked killing what he loved.

message 34: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments She smiled in her sleep. She was totally different when she was asleep.... But she did have night mares. She jolted up, her eyes see open but you could tell she was asleep. "Don't!" She snarled, she lunged at an invisible intruder. She snorted as if she killed it. Than her eyes filled with grief. She started to shake, tears falling off her face. She shook.

message 35: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash was drawn out of his thoughts when Spaz started moving and yelling in her sleep. It actually made the brute laugh. He noticed the rain was now a light drizzle. "Sugar? Wake up. You're looking a little down and a little psychotic." He took his paw and pushed on her shoulder. Nash didn't sleep all that much but it didn't matter. He spent most of yesterday sleeping anyway.

message 36: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments She stumbled over her eyes flashing open wit fear. She actually looked like a pup for a moment, her eyes were huge with worry and fear. Her hackles were raised. She blinked than reality glazed over her eyes. She shook out her prickled fur. "Sorry." She said quietly and sat down. She growled and jumped back. "Did I run into the water or something?!" She asked noticing the tears on her face.

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Lovely | 245 comments She growled softly.

message 38: by Unamo (new)

Unamo "Um no sugar. You were crying and moving around. Frankly...I have no idea what was happening." The brute looked bored after that. Sure he was a little concerned but he wasn't showing it. "Sugar you probably need to start taking something for those dreams of yours. You're going to sleep walk into a lake and drowned if your not careful." Nash licked his pelt getting a patch off of it.

message 39: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments She snorted, "What ever. At least I'm not one of those wolves who crys all the time." She watched him. She could tell something was on his mind. She was tempted to ask but stopped herself, We just met, it's not like we're best friends. She flicked her tail gently across her face to rid the tears. She gently flicked him on the nose with the tip of it. She pulled it back and blinked inoccently.

message 40: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash pulled back when the tip of her tail brushed his nose. He went to bite her tail but was a little shy. The brute looked away as if he didn't care but a few minutes after Nash jumped up and pinned her down. It might not of seemed like it but this was his playful side. "Now sugar....that wasn't very nice. You should watch where your tail goes." Nash's back foot stepped on her tail but he was unusually gentle.

message 41: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments She looked between their two bodies and watched his foot on her tail. She than looked back up at him. It was so gentle she was able to bring it up. And the only way it could go was right to Nash's butt. It flicked right by his thigh. She quickly let it drop. She looked embarrassed. Utterly embarrassed. She let her head drop back on the ground. Gosh I always make things awkward. "Sorry, I really didn't mean to tap you there....."

message 42: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash laughed and stepped back a little harder on her tail so it couldn't move. "A little handsy are we?" The brute placed his muzzle close to hers. "I bet, you did that on purpose, sugar." Nash winked at Mercury then got off of her. The brute pulled the water blocker from the entrance of his den. He went outside feeling only the slightest drizzle. Honestly this was his favorite weather. It was dark and depressing but the droplets felt nice on his pelt.

message 43: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments "I did NOT to it on purpose!" She sounded like a pup as she crawled out after him. She didn't deal well with flirty issues.....
Her ears went back.

message 44: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Once she came outside the brute flung his tail up keeping the rain from hitting Mercury. "Sure you didn't do it on purpose. We both know that I'm hard to resist." Nash nipped under her ear playfully. Already he was longing for another taste of her blood. The brute looked away though and stared around the shore. Rain was very bad for hunting.

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Lovely | 245 comments She let out a laugh, "Sure." She said sarcastically. She pounced at him and landed on his back. She nipped his neck playfully and swatted at his tail. The female was balanced on his back.

message 46: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Nash didn't even move as she landed on his back. He didn't realize how much of a pup she was. "Sugar...What are you doing?" He said unphased. The criminal stared around seeing how much damage his territory took. Nash's tail had a mind of its own though. It gently hit Mercury repeatedly as it moved back and forth.

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Lovely | 245 comments She nipped at it each time it came near. "How can you hold me for so long?" She asked, she pushed his tail with her paw. She looked down under her paws at her large back. "Your giant!" She smirked. After her sleep she was energized. Sugar..... I'm far from sweet. <\I>

message 48: by Unamo (new)

Unamo His cranium turned the best it could to look at her. "I'm well bred." His father had been the leader of his pack and his mother was the leader's daughter from a pack in another country. Nash shook his pelt knocking Mercury off. The brute started walking along the lake trying to find some fish to eat. He lowered his jaws and waited for a curious fish to swim into gis canines.

message 49: by Lovely (new)

Lovely | 245 comments Mercury snorted and stood. She watched him and let him be. She wondered what the path was like back to her territory. She got a little ways away and stopped. The giant stretch that was opened and dipped into a valley was one big lake. She shook her head and trotted back she huffed and sat down. "I hate water." She grumbled and sat out side of Nashes den.

message 50: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Carefully he watched a fish move into his mouth. With quick reflexes his jaws snapped onto the fish's head. Nash held on tightly as it wagged it tail furiously. The brute threw is far up on the bank so it wouldn't slip back into the water. "Fish is ready for you, sugar. Eat it or leave it." Nash placed his jaws back into the water starting the process over again. It took three large fish just to fill him up.

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