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Nice font! Can't wait to see what you write in this thread :)

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Story: ɱɣʂʈɨɕαɭ
Mindy Alex is a Mystic. Mindy never knew until her ex almost got killed by pixy-like beings telling her that if she didn't see the Mystic Queen they would kill him. Mindy saw the queen. Now as Mindy wonders around the Mystic kingdom she might realize that everything is not as it seems...

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Chapter 1:
I run down the steps from QAHS. My sweatshirt's hood falls off as I run. My red hair falls down on my shoulders. I turn left to walk home. Like I always do I stop and take a small detour to Starbucks. I order a caramel latte. As I walk out of the Starbucks my ex, Nate is about to go in.
"Hey, Mindy!" He says.
"Go away," I say.
"Awe, come on Minny" Replies Nate. And then I saw them. Tiny little pixy things. They varied in colors. And they started to go towards Nate.
"AHHHHHHHHH!!!" Yelled Nate. But nobody seemed to hear him.
"You shall come see our queen." Said an eerie voice that seemed to be the pixies.
"If you come now the queen might give you mercy." Said the pixies again. And then one of the pixies grew long and sharp claws and placed them right above Nate's neck.
"Come now and we won't kill him. If you don't come with us we'll kill him." Said the pixies. I was never a brave person. I didn't want Nate to die, and I wasn't the type who is suddenly an awesome fighter who would kill all the pixies and walk away with a trophy. So as much as I didn't want to say it I did.
"I'll go." I said.

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Should I make this a GR storY?

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Cover I made on

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(I'm not sure if you allow comments or not.)


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PinkLoki(Shine) wrote: "(I'm not sure if you allow comments or not.)


Thanks. I allow comments.

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Wow you can make your own cover?? That's pretty cool!

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Thanks. Chapter 2 will be up soon!

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Sorry guys. I can't do chapter 2 because of hebrew and homework. I'll finish tomorrow.

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Chapter 2:
The pixies let go of Nate.
"Now you will come with us to see our queen." Said the pixies eagerly. They start to move towards me and one starts to cling to cling on to my sweatshirt.
"Stop!" I yell.
"Fine, fine. But you will follow us." The pixies say. The pixy that was on my sweatshirt let go. The pixies still kept a foot distance from me, though.
They don't trust you. The thought runs through my head.
"We were about to fly you to the palace." Says one of the pixies to me.
"Fly?" I ask.
"Of course. How do you think we, Leedees, get from place to place?" Said the pixy.
"What the h*ll is a Leedee?" I almost yell.
"All of us are Leedees." Said the pixy, no, Leedee.
"So all of you guys are Leedees?" I ask.
"Yes." Said the Leedee.
"Fly me then," I say. I hope I sound brave and heroic.
"What?" Said the Leedee.
"Fly me!" I say, "Take me up in the sky to the castle!"
"Fine." The Leedee replies. Then I hear small whispers, probably the Leedees problem solving. Then all of the Leedees grab onto my clothes. Some of the Leedees grab on in places were let's just say were I don't want people poking around in. I start to protest, but then I'm sideways. On the ground
"Don't move." Says a Leedee by my shoulder.
"Okay," I say. I'm still, but I start to feel my body lifting off of the cold cement. It's lifting higher and higher and higher.
I'm flying. The thought races through my head.
Before I know it, I'm touching the clouds, Leedees by my side. I feel like Superman. I actually feel so badass right now you don't even know. And then I see it. It's a castle in the middle of the f*cking sky. The Leedees start to move closer to the castle.
"Were going to dock you at Evana Port." Said the Leedee at my shoulder. Dock me? What does that mean? Am I like a ship? Are all of the people on this island Leedees?
We come to a halt. I feel silk, soft silk against my body. I feel the Leedees letting go of me. I turn to my left side and then I see a guy. He looks a couple years older than me. He's holding a hand out for me.
"Huis! Huis!" Yelled the Leedees happily.
"Move outta the way. I gotta help the lady up." Says Huis. The Leedees move out of the way. I take Huis's hand.

End Note:
Sorry guys I had to give you a cliffhanger. I wanted to continue writing. SO BADLY. Here's a pronounce guide for so far:
Huis: Hue (like shoe) Ee (like eel)
Leedee: Lee (like leap) D (like the letter d)

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I'm 146 words into Chapter 3!

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Poem. Has nothing to do with Mystical.
There is a weapon.
I am that weapon.
That weapon is next to you.
Across from you.
We are all weapons.
We will die.
We will fall.
We will leave.
And sometimes the other weapons don't care.
We are built.
We are made.
We are strengthened.
We are destroyed.
We are all weapons.
I am that weapon.
For there is a weapon.

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Chapter 3:
Huis pulls me up.
"What's yer name?" Says Huis. I stare into his playful blue eyes and his multicolored brown hair that looked rose gold in the sunlight. Huis had tan skin that all the boys at my school would be envious of. But I knew nothing about Huis's hotness compares to when I first fell in love with Nate.
"Why ya stutterin?" Said Huis. I snap back into reality at the sound of Huis's voice.
"Ummm, what did you say?" I reply.
"Whas yer name?" Says Huis, "Well I already know it's Melina Erin Alex, but what do ya go by?" I am baffled. How could a guy who's like 5 years older than me who I barely know, know my full name?
"How do you know, my full name?" I stutter.
"Just answer the question." Replies Huis.
"Mindy," I say.
"Kay, Mindy. We're gonna go to Evana Market. We just got a new shipment from Kilin. That's sorta like the processed food humans eat." Says Huis, "And then you oughta meet out queen: Vivianis Menissikhah" Vivianis Menissikhah, what a long name. Hopefully, all of these people don't have names like that. Maybe Huis is short for Huisifijshgjghj Ugjhjahthj. We start to walk up. Only after that do I forget that the Leedees are gone.
"Where are the Leedees?" I ask.
"The Lee Folk? The Leedees sometimes help us when they wanna. They rarely help us, though. They were begging the queen when they heard that we needed someone to transport you here." Huis says.
"And who are we?" I ask. I mean to sound cute and innocent when saying it. I also know I do. I'm smarter than most people think.
"We?" Says Huis staring into space, "Well Mindy we are the Mystics. The Myst Folk. Conquerors of The Im Empire. Loyals to the Queen Vivianis Menissikhah." He wants to say more, but he stops as if some kind of force won't let him.
"Hey, take this. You can use it to buy food." Huis says. He hands me a light green circle that's about the size of my hands when I make a hand circle. that has hot pink, black, and navy blue markings on it. I turn it over and I see ψ˥ ˧˦˧ written on it in hot pink.
"The only problem is I have no idea what is what and you give me a mystic coin and expect me to understand it," I say. Huis grabs the coin from my hands.
"Sit on the bench, I'll get you food," Huis says pointing to a bench. As much as I didn't want to I walked over to the bench and sat down. Huis came back with something in a shiny purple wrapper. One of the ends is open.
"Have you ever had a mitter?" Asks Huis.
"What's that?" I reply.
"Here," says Huis and hands me the shinily wrapped object. I bite in on the unwrapped end. I taste cinnamonny bread and grape-ish, blueberry-ish jelly. The bread is warm and so is the jelly. This would be great in a latte.
"So this is a mitter?" I say my mouth full of food.
"Uh-huh," says Huis. After that, Huis takes a little blue bell and rings it. And then a blue car that looks a little to big on the top appears out of nowhere right in front of us. The door opens to reveal a blue inside and a man with blue skin and light blue dreadlocks that fall on his shoulders. Huis hands him one of the green circles. The blue man gestures to the bus. I look at my surroundings. Plush blue velvet booths and at every booth a platter of blue food.
Me and Huis walk towards one and sit down.
"What the h*ll?" I ask. I don't know what wtf of the day I'm talking about.
"He's a Nequer." Replies Huis. And then the bus comes to a halt. I see the castle through the window. The castle I saw in the sky. It's enormous. It's beautiful. 5-year old me would love to live there.
"Welcome to the Myst Am Lo'Ots." Says Huis after we walk down the steps of the bus.

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