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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1)
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Gine Bugge Sande | 62 comments We are over halfway there! Who is your favorite character? What do you dislike with the book? Do you like the writing style? Currently rating?

Gine Bugge Sande | 62 comments My favorite character is Zeke because he is just so cute and caring and hot (at least in my head!). I love the story and this part was certainly my favorite. A lot happened here and I just really like this book. I can't really come up with anything I dislike although perhaps I will think of or find something later. Currently rating would be 4 or 4.25

Andrea | 55 comments Favorite character is either Allison or Kanin (since Allison never looked at him as a love interest, I dont like him that way (yet) but at least as a protector or a brother or something). I haven't really felt a connection towards Zeke yet, so im kinda indifferent to their realtionship..

The writing style is ok, sometimes there are a few sentences that are just meh..

Current rating is 4. It's exciting most of the time and I like Allison, but like I said no real connection to anything.

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