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Amber | 1684 comments Here

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Amber | 1684 comments Do you have anything in mind?

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no. Not really.

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Amber | 1684 comments Well okay. I don't have anything either. What do you like to do?

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Anything really.

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Amber | 1684 comments Simple right?

Best friends
Blind date
Demon x angel


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blind date

Ive never tried that before. Im usually doing that they somewhat friends.

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Amber | 1684 comments Okay. Characters?

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Name: Zach Gonzlaes
Race: Hispanic White mix
Hight: 6" 8'
Weight: 165
Appearnce: A light tan, and dark black hair. He has a tattoo of furio Giunta on his upper arm.
Age: Idk. 20ish

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Amber | 1684 comments Name:
Daniel Walker





She has long legs and inherited her moms long black hair. Her eyes are a light blue. She has three tattoos. Black wings on her back, a music note behind her ear, and an anchor on her hip bone.

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(Ill starts)

he was browsing on his computer as usual. He was on the new website, plenty of fish. Life was always boring for him. Besides work, he didn't to squat.

He overviews a girls profile, and smiles at it. He starts to read her bio.

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Amber | 1684 comments Dani sat at her dining room table doing work. She was putting together a spread for the magazine she worked for. "Why did they put that picture there?" she wondered to herself and completely rearranged what had already been done. She had been lucky to move up to an editor position at a young age. She wasn't only doing work though. She had a dating website up in the background so she could see if anyone sent her a message.

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he likes her profile, and then sends her a message

Im gonna cut to the point. You like like someone that i can relate to. No games. If you wanna meet, we can meet at the new (cliche) Coffee shop at 2:30 tomorrow.

Hope to see ya,

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Amber | 1684 comments Dani jumped in excitement when she saw a message. After reading it she contemplated. "A little strange but why not?" she mumbled. She looked over his profile before replying.

Sounds good to me. I'll see you then. I'm long forward to meeting you.

I'll be there,

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he smiles when he sees the message. He looks around his apartment, and sees that he has nothing clean. Of course.

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Amber | 1684 comments Dani smiled. She closed her lap top and went to her room. After looking at her phone and answering some emails she plugged her phone in then went to her closet and picked out her outfit for the next day.

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(Time skip to the next day?)

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Amber | 1684 comments (Sure.)

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he waits at the coffee shop. He wore a green jacket and black shirt with cargo jeans. He was worried that she wasnt gonna show. That wouldnt be surprising.

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Amber | 1684 comments Dani walked into the coffee shop, her black heels clicking against the flooring. She wore black skinny jeans, a white tank top, and a black leather jacket. She looked around for Zach.

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he looks at her and smiles. She was amazing. he stands up, and walks across the shop "Dani?" he asks, feeling like this wasn't her. It couldn't be...

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Amber | 1684 comments "That would be me. I'm guessing you're Zach," Dani said with a smile. "It's nice to meet you," she added and held her hand out.

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he nods, and gently shakes her hand. "Ill buy" he says, and walks to the counter.

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Amber | 1684 comments "Well thank you," she smiled. After she ordered her drink she waited for it to be ready.

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he waits with her, and smiles at her "tell me about you. " he says

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Amber | 1684 comments "Okay. I am 20 years old. I am an editor for a magazine. I graduated high school when I was 16 and went to college abroad for the first two years. My second two years I went to the state school here and I started interning for the magazine I work for. As soon as I graduated they promoted me. Other than that there isn't much to tell. I don't do much other than work. Your turn," Dani answered.

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he looks at her "Graduated from wctc after 2 years to get a small degree to start off on. Im not working for deep silver game company, working on a game. Im also 2nd in command for the animations, so im a bit busy" he says

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Amber | 1684 comments "Sounds like we both lack a social life. Honestly the only reason I signed up for the dating website was because my mother has been pressing me so hard lately. But I hope it was a good investment," she noted.

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he nods "Everyone in the office calls me gay and im sick of it. I just signed up about... 4 years ago. I totally forgot about it before 2 weeks ago" he says

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Amber | 1684 comments Dani grabbed her coffee and found them a table. "What are you interested in?" she asked.

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"Besides work. Sleeping and eating" he laughs

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Amber | 1684 comments "There's gotta be more than that. Take me for example. I'm one of those crazy people that loves reading, I'm a photographer, and I can play guitar. Sleeping and eating are high on my priorities list though," she replied.

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He nods "boxing. Fighting. Martial arts. Im not a physical guy, buts its nice to relive of stress." he smiles.

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Amber | 1684 comments "That sounds fun. I tried to do karate but now as far as that gets is watching MMA," Dani commented.

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He nods, and smiles. it was starting to get akward, considering both were socially akward.

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Amber | 1684 comments "Alright this is about to get painfully awkward. What's your favorite movie?" Dani asked trying to get some small talk going.

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He looks at her "Who cares. Wanna go do something?" he asks.

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Amber | 1684 comments Dani blinked taken back by the slight rudeness. "Um like what?" she asked.

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"I dont know. Do we really wanna talk about movies and stuff we dont care about. We can go to the boardwalk. My treat" he says, getting up.

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Amber | 1684 comments "I feel as if the small details are important. I would rather know more about you than do more things with you. You may not care. But that does not mean I don't too," Dani replied. She stood. "I will be going home now. I have work to do," she said.

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He looks at her. He wasnt a talky guy. Hell, you can know him for 10 years, you wont know his middle name.

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Amber | 1684 comments "I'm a writer. Details are what I specialize in," Dani said before leaving the coffee shop. When she was back in her apartment she sighed and flopped on her couch.

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he walks outside, and looks around. He sighs, and walks to the gunrange. He needed to blow some steam, and starts shooting the targets.

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