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Book Review vs Book Report

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message 1: by Madelon (new)

Madelon (madelonw) I have been pondering the difference between a book review and a book report for some time now. With all of the internet at my fingertips, I decided to Google that very thing.

You might want to check out

to find out the difference.

In writing a review, I don't retell the story, I try to give my readers a feel for what the book elicits physically or emotionally. I try very hard not to read what is posted as a review when it is a lengthy retelling. I barely glance over blurbs before reading anything. I would rather find out for myself what the author had to say.

Your thoughts? ...

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 12 comments Hi Madelon,
I liked the link you posted up as it explained very well the difference between the two in a way that can be understood. I can understand why many people will be confused between the two, and do love the fact that a book report is much easier and gives the reader more room for making up his/her opinion.

message 3: by Madelon (new)

Madelon (madelonw) Thanks :)

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