The Young Elites (The Young Elites, #1) The Young Elites question

Alyssa Accordino Alyssa Dec 06, 2015 09:52AM
Adelina in my opinion, is a static character. She hasn't changed in the book so far and it doesn't really look like she will change. Its not like she really can change her connection to a certain energy. She will always have a connection with fear and fury and not any other energy. I haven't finished the book but I think of Adelinas static right now and unless she does something bigger than I imagine to show change then I will still think of her as static because of the way she is and her personality. Everything bad that has happened has made her who she is today and the less likely ness to change.

I think as the world around Adelina changes, she will come to change, but I agree that it really doesn't seem like she will get better or anything.

I think Adelina really wants to change but she is incapable of changing because of her home life, etc.

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