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message 2: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Akala trotted into the burrow finding a spot to get out of the cold. She found an old bed of piled leaves and layed on them. "Nocturne! Let's play a game!" She rolled around and ran a few laps. Her nap had provided her with endless energy.

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Unamo .

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Unamo "I don't know. Don't you have a game?" The pup looked at her wondering what kind of pupsitter didn't have games prepared for the pup. Akala looked over at Nym and shook her head.

message 5: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Akala had never heard of this game. She thought about it for a second then made the decision. "I'd rather sit on a suck. It wouldn't hurt as much. Um would you rather eat tree bark or a paws worth of bees?"

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Unamo Akala didn't even take a second to think about it. "The water. I wish I could breathe under there because then I could swim with the fish. Sky always lets me sit on his back when he swims cause I haven't learned yet." The pup bounced around then finally onto a beetle. "Would you rather be a hunter of a gardener?"

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Unamo Akala thought about what a desert was. She hadn't been quite sure of it. "Um the jungle. I'm not sure what the other one is." Akala bounced under Nocturne making sure to nip her tail as she went through the general's legs.

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Unamo "Oh....I don't think I'd like that." The pup bowed with her butt shaking in the air. Akala then pounced at Nocturne's tail trying to make it stop moving. "Um....3 pups or 4 pups?" She asked sneakily prying into Nocturne's future.

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Unamo Akala looked at her as if she was crazy for even asking, "That's a stupid question. A prince!" The pup looked up at her when she said she didn't really want any but picked the bigger number. "Would you rather be a bear or a mountain lion?"

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Unamo That was a hard one for the little pup. She wanted to fly everywhere but she also wanted to swim everywhere. "A water bird." Akala answered twisting the question.

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Unamo "Mmhmmm...oh! Like a swan or a penguin." Akala jumped onto the general's back only to slide down and land on her butt. "Umm....would you rather eat rabbit or squirrel?"

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Unamo Akala bounced around debating whether she liked ice or mud. "Mud because then when I get out my mommy or brother have to give me a bath!" She giggled because she loved when her family was with her.

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Unamo Akala looked at her a little confused. Was her comment a statement or a question? "You could give me a bath! Let's go find a mud puddle and play in it!" She nipped at Nocturne wanting to go at that moment.

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Unamo "But you don't have to get in. All you have to do is wash me afterwards." Akala argued but if she didn't then she'd have Sky do it later.

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Unamo Akala looked at the general with a angered look. It was like a toddler being told they couldn't have a certain toy in the store. "No." Her eyes were narrowed into a tight glare.

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Unamo Akala growled and stuck her tounge out at the general. Quickly she turned and ran out of the den. A light drizzle was all that was left of the pouring rain. There were mud puddles everywhere. Akala started at one and quickly jumped into it ruining her silver pelt.

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Unamo Akala refused to get out at first. She splashed around a little more then decided to get out. Still she was absolutely covered. Now they could take a bath! Oh how Akala loved the water.

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Unamo Akala looked at her from the outside and stomped her front paw. "Nocturne!" She pouted with her face scrunched up.

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Unamo "Why won't you give me a bath?" Akala said very quietly using the last weapon in her arsenal of tricks. Her eyes glitter with water and her ears bent back. The princess tucked her tail in between her legs and lowered her head. "It's cause you don't have time, right? No one ever has time for me."

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Unamo Akala was getting a little frustrated that her manipulative ways weren't working. Small tears fell from her eyes. "I'll go clean myself then." The pup stood and started heading toward the rivers. Her tail stayed tucked between her legs and her ears were flattened. This had better work or she was demanding a new pupsitter.

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Unamo Akala stared at the rushing stream. The rain had made it build up and made the current faster. The pup wasn't sure how safe it was but she was more determined to be right. She looked back at Nocturne who still wasn't giving in. Akala crept along the bank. Carefully she placed a paw in and felt the current trying to push it. Akala could manage that though so she placed the other paw in as long as she didn't lose her footing she'd be good.

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Unamo The pup got the rest of the way in letting the water wash through her pelt. The mud stared to come off and Akala was proud it did. Suddenly though something touched her foot making her lift her paw. The shift of balance was just enough to sweep her under. "Noc-" The pup screamed but waa quickly silenced by the current.

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Unamo ((Yep. Yep.))

Akala coughed a little bit of water out of her lungs. At least she was clean but horribly shaken up. "I'm sorry Nocturne." She cried curling up to the fae in hope she'd forgive Akala.

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Unamo Akala watched Nocturne walk away and not comfort her. Being a princess she has always been pampered but now she had met someone who wasn't going to pamper her. She followed with her head down. Once home she laid down in her bed and waited for her family to come home.

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Unamo ((Oh...I thought I replied to this. Sorry about that. Are you okay with Emerald rping with us using Skyfall?))

message 26: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Akala watched Nocturne out of the corner of her eye. Was she really that bad of a pup or was Nocturne not trained for this? It was probably a little of both. "Noc-" She cut herself off. Maybe it was best to just be quiet.

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Unamo It didn't take long for the quietness to lull Akala to sleep. She said goodnight to her imaginary friend then muttered something about hoping her family was home when she woke up. The pup didn't say anything to Nocturne, the general still seemed mad and tierd that she didn't want to talk.

message 28: by Unamo (new)

Unamo Akala whined softly and kicked in her sleep. It was cold in the burrow and normally her brother would lay by her..

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Unamo ((I said something but she still hasn't responded to this thread.))

Akala whined softly then let her eyes flutter open. Her family was still gone which made her heart ache. They were coming back right?

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Unamo ((Okay we need something a little more exciting. Any ideas?))

message 31: by Unamo (new)

Unamo (Um do you have any char that could make it interesting. I have Calla Lily but she's not going to cause any issues, too sweet. )

message 32: by Unamo (new)

Unamo (Nocturne and Akala could go on a walk and end up in another territory. )

message 33: by Unamo (new)

Unamo ((No just Rock.))

message 34: by Unamo (new)

Unamo (Sure. Which one? )

message 35: by Unamo (new)

Unamo (We can go to the Breezetribe.)

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