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Echowhisper found herself in the forest, sitting under the trees. She escaped the camp every moon or so just to think and clear her head. With a sigh, Echowhisper settled herself on her back, staring at the blue sky above her. It was cloudless. Starclan hear me, she thought. I want to see him tonight. I want to tell Windoak that I'm sorry. I've been sorry ever since they died. Ever since he died.

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Briarstar padded out into the forest and went through a bush. She suddenly smelled a familiar smell.Echowhisper!Briarstar thought, surprised. She didn't know that Echowhisper was a night cat. She spotted Echowhisper under a canopy of trees, laying on her back.I wonder what she is thinking about? The she-cat was laying there, unaware that another cat was there. Briarstar padded over to her and sat down.
"Lovely night out here, eh?" she meowed.

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Echowhisper had a vague thought about telling her leader about her troubles but decided not to. She didn't want to burden her clan with personal worries. "Beautiful night," Echowhisper repeated. "The stars are particularly bright," she added in a sort of singsong.

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"Are you alright?" Briarstar meowed, concerned. "You've seemed a little bit more cautious than usual. Is something bothering you?"
She had a thought that it probably wasn't her business but a Clan leader needed to know things. Still, she felt self-cautious. "If you don't want to tell me, it's alright," she meowed softly.

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