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Flametail led Crystalpaw into the training dip. "How about you choose what we do today?" she asked her apprentice.

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Crystalpaw sat on her haunches, pausing to think.
"I think we should... practice on my offense fighting. I seem to be slacking there. Don't I?"
Crystalpaw's tail tapped the ground.

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"Why yes," Flametail replied, happy that her apprentice was so eager. "Now, come at me and try to pin me down."

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Crystalpaw crouched down and wiggled her haunches. She wanted to become a warrior as soon as possible. She pounced on her and pushed her paws into her shoulders, in an attempt to pin her down.

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Flametail rolled over, pushing Crystalpaw down. "Good try. Now, try and shove me off, okay?" She had Crystalpaw down on the ground.

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Crystalpaw concentrated on how much strength surged through her limbs. She gritted her teeth and pushed up with her hind legs. She sent Flametail flying over her head. She heard a thud.
"Whoa! Did I just do that?" Crystalpaw was stunned.

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Flametail was up in a second, crouching on the ground. "Wonderful! You're shaping up well! Now come at me again."

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She shook her head to clear out the nonsense. She narrowed her eyes and pounced on her mentor. This time, all her weight was in her paws. They came crashing down on her chest, slamming her to the ground. Crystalpaw jumped off of her.
"Are you ok?" she was concerned if she had hurt her.

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"Yeah," Flametail replied, rolling to her feet. "Great job! But make sure you stay on your opponent's chest, all right?" She flicked her fiery tail. "Now, try a few attacks from behind."

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"Behind?" her ear tip twitched quizzically.

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"Yes. First, try sneaking behind me and pounce, aiming for my neck," Firetail instructed.

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"Oh ok..." she hesitated.
She crept around her with her tail swishing on the ground. She stopped behind her. She breathed out silently in concentration. She pounced, aiming for her neck. She felt her paws land on her higher back. She carefully placed her teeth against her neck fur, to indicate she had done it.

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Flametail rolled up and pushed Crystalpaw off, using her front paws and making contact with the apprentice's chest.

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Crystalpaw rolled across the ground and jumped on her paws quickly. She pressed her ears close to her head and snarled.

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"It's just a friendly fight, don't worry," Flametail meowed in response to Crystalpaw's reaction. "Come at me again."

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"I know, I just thought..." she trailed off.
She pricked her ears and crouched. This time she thought of a different tactic. She twitched her tail in excitement as an idea appeared in her mind.
She ran toward her and swatted at her face. She ducked down as she tried to attack back and slid under her sweeping her paws off the ground. She jumped up and quickly pounced on her back pinning her down. She grinned at her trick.

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Flametail, on the ground, grinned. "Wonderful! You should use that as your secret weapon."

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She grinned wider and jumped off of her giving her space.

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Flametail got to her feet, still smiling. "You're doing quite well," she told Crystalpaw. "I'm proud."

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Crystalpaw flicked her tail in delight. "Thank you Flametail."

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"Would you like to work on another skill? You're perfectly capable with offensive fighting," Flametail asked.

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She licked her paw and swiped it over her ear. "I thought I wasn't that good. I guess not." She pauses to think. "Maybe hunting?"

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"Oh, um… Crystalpaw, I can't come," Flametail replied, embarrassed. "I'm really sorry." She wished that she didn't have to let the bubbly young cat down, but she just wasn't allowed to go.

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"Oh." Crystalpaw frowned confused. "Why not?" Her tail twitched.

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"I was caught on other territory," Flametail said, feeling herself getting hot with embarrassment.

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Crystalpaw's eyes widened. "What! How did you get there? Were you going to attack a clan?" She jumped to her paws suddenly excited.

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"No. To visit a friend…" Flametail replied. "I just wanted to visit a friend."

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"Oh. I wanna meet her."Crystalpaw smiled, obviously not understanding or taking in Flametail's replies.

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"Later, alright?" Flametail told her with a smile. "Don't worry. I'm sure Ripplewind and Winterspell would love to meet you."

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"Cool!" Her ears twitched happily.

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"You remind me a lot of Winterspell, you know?" Flametail said, grinning. "You're both bubbly. You'd get along well."

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"Wow." Then something flitted across her mind. "What clan are they from?"

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Flametail sighed. "Well, we all came from the same clan. This clan. And Ripplewind went to FireClan and his sister, Winterspell, to LightClan."

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"Oh. Cool!" She smiled up at her. Then she suddenly realized a key word that she had just processed. "His?" She was now very confused.

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"Yes. Well, Ripplewind is a tom, you know," Flametail said, blushing. She wished she hadn't been caught. Then she could see her best friend.

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Crystalpaw wondered how to react.
"Well, do you like him?" she giggled. She loved getting into adult's business.

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Flametail looked away, staring determinedly at the ground. "That… That is not something I wish to discuss."

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She realized that she had said the wrong thing.
"Oh." she looked at her paws. She felt bad now.

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Still slightly embarrassed, Flametail looked up. "Don't worry, Crystalpaw," she said comfortingly. "It's natural to be curious."

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"Oh. Then that explains my curiosity!"she jumped to her paws feeling better.

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"When I'm allowed to go out again, trust me, I'll take you to them," Flametail told her.

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"Cool!" she smiled at her, feeling super excited.

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Flametail grinned, then looked away sheepishly. "I honestly hope you won't take me as a role model," she said.

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"Why not? You're my mentor!" She was appalled.

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"Yes, that's true…" Flametail hesitated. "But, you see… You're not exactly supposed to go out. To disobey clan rules."

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"Oh. Well I knew that. But it sounds fun, thrilling, exhilarating." She smiles up at her.

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"It is." Flametail smiled, getting lost in the memories. "The forest is so dark at night and you see the moon now and then, and I really do love the feeling that you're doing something wrong, but for the right reason."

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"Right reason? Well see. Now there is something right about it!" She grins at her very mischievously.

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"It's just visiting friends," Flametail replied, blushing.

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