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message 1: by Edjune (new)

Edjune Lingan | 3 comments Anyone here who tried ordering from Better World Books? Care to share your experience? I'm frustrated since it's been a month since my order was shipped, and it's still not here..

message 2: by Zee (new)

Zee Codizar (zeecodizar) | 9 comments Do you know what shipping company they are affiliated with? Maybe you can ask Better World books for your reference number indicated on the Airway Bill attached to your package. You can then contact the shipping company and ask them for the status of your shipping provided the reference number :) If you are sure it was already shipped, then you should chase the shipping company instead. :)

message 3: by Ann (last edited Dec 07, 2015 12:48AM) (new)

Ann (annjh23) | 3 comments That's actually normal. Since it's free shipping, it usually takes time. Processing time on site after your order that takes about 5-7 days plus it is shipped by sea so it must take at least 30 days. Also, when it'll arrive in the country it'll probably go through custom clearing first, also takes days before it will be finally released to your nearest post office. If you ordered less than 2 books, they might send it right to your doorstep but if it's more than 3 books, you should pick it up from your nearest post office. I was also frustrated with my first experience with BWB, I contacted them that the shipment hasn't arrive yet and it's been more than a month already. They (BWB) told me that after the shipment had arrived in the country, they do not have any tracking of the package. They are not affiliated to any private shipping company. But they will still be responsible if your package is lost. They've actually given me a gift certificate to buy those books again to make up for the lost package, so I ordered again. More than a week passed, that lost package had arrived! So I ended have book duplicates:D The thing is, they are doing their best so they can to provide good service to anyone. They are so accommodating with their customers' concern, so don't hesitate to reach out.
Most of my orders arrived at most 45 days never it reached 2 months to reach my hands. Just be patient, and take to consider that it's free shipping :) You can constantly check your nearest post office for your package. Also, if you ordered many books, the post office might charge for some payment. :)

message 4: by Edjune (new)

Edjune Lingan | 3 comments Zee, they aren't afiliated to any shipping company, so most probably they can't track the order once they send it out. ._.

message 5: by Edjune (new)

Edjune Lingan | 3 comments Ann, thanks for the info! :) I was really frustrated since this is my 3rd time ordering overseas, and compared to the other orders I made, this one is taking too long. Plus, their return policy is only valid until 45 days. Based from your comment, I guess they have good customer service. I'll prolly give them a week or so before contacting them again. :)

message 6: by Zee (new)

Zee Codizar (zeecodizar) | 9 comments Edjune wrote: "Zee, they aren't afiliated to any shipping company, so most probably they can't track the order once they send it out. ._."

Oh, I see. Based on Ann's comment as well, I suggest you contact them again so they can liaise whether your package is already in the PH or not. Good luck! :)

message 7: by heartwork. (new)

heartwork. (heartwork) | 4 comments I have ordered from Better World several times before when I was in Sri Lanka where Lanka Postal Office is efficient. And they delivered pretty quick. Knowing that Philpost is not that efficient esp. this holiday season when their system gets overwhelmed, I suppose it would take more time.

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